"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequeces of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of it's powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state."

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not enough talent? Oh, there's been enough talent and last nights victory proves it. No excuses now for the inconsistency other than coaching.

It would be a major error if anyone assumes I'm disapointed because Arkansas beat Vanderbilt. Actually, the opposite is true. It would also be incorrect if anyone is of the impression that this took me by surprise.

It is almost exactly true to say those that have supported Pelphrey all along do, in order to justify his lack of success, use the proposition that Pelphrey hasn't had the talent to compete. Rather it be blowouts to teams they should have played closer, or terrible losses to teams they should have beat, the supporters of John Pelphrey have blamed those defeats on a lack of talent---not him.

It would be altogether true to say I've represented the opinion that there is enough talent, and John Pelphrey is the one to blame for the inconsistency of his teams efforts up to this point. It is also just as true to say that after last night, no one can ever claim again that John Pelphrey doesn't have the talent, either for losses suffered, or the losses to come. This is absolutely the accurate account of where things currently stand.

Vanderbilt is a team that had a very tough game on Thursday night against a surging Mississippi State team that went to the wire. Arkansas on the other hand played their last game on Tuesday night against the worst team in the league. It should be obvious to all that watched the game, Vanderbilt simply didn't have their legs underneath them. That's why they were made to look foolish against a very desperate Arkansas team. Vanderbilt just simply could not play perimeter defense. Let's face it, you can't leave Rotnei Clarke open. He will make everything he throws up if not guarded closely. Vanderbilt's inability to play sound defense really showed in what Sanchez was allowed to do to them. Sanchez routinely broke his defender down with quick first steps.

I know your desperate and this win seems monumental right now. But if I were supporting Pelphrey I wouldn't get too worked up over this win. There are several obvious reasons why. The main one being, this Arkansas team under John Pelphrey has had good games before only to follow them up with a string of humiliating defeats. I'm still of the opinion John Pelphrey isn't the guy, and I feel certain that by the end of the season he will prove why he's not.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why are they continually deceiving us about John Pelphrey, and what is really going on here? Want a piece of advice? Learn everything, forget nothing.

It should be noted that on four separate occasions yesterday, I heard four different media persons use the exact same line when questioned about Pelphrey's future. Everyone of them said this, "I think regardless of what happens this year, John Pelphrey will be allowed to coach the kids next year, and if he doesn't win then, then something will be done. With Pelphrey taking over what he did, I think Jeff Long believes Pelphrey had to take some chances and gamble on some kids".... I have several problems with this.

The first problem is this: The people stating this did so as if they were reading it from a card. That isn't the case, though. The real reason it sounded that way is because they've had lots of practice the last two years saying it. I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of hearing it.

The second problem is: There's no way on earth John Pelphrey should be allowed anywhere near these kids. Based on events the past two years, it should be considered reckless on Jeff Long's part for even entertaining the notion of it. Plus, whom among us honestly believes there will be any significant improvement next year? Does anyone actually think after giving Pelphrey another pass, Jeff Long and this media base won't earnestly try again to find some way to excuse another bad season?

Thirdly: How in the world can anyone blame the failure of Pelphrey's first two recruiting classes on his "having to gamble and take chances"? Pelphrey took this job in the spring of 2007, and had four scholarships to use then. If any gamble was made on players it was then. There were some time constraints for Pelphrey. However, out of the four kids recruited that year, only two turned out to be busts. As for the other two, Micheal Sanchez and Marcus Brit, there still on the team.

Those using this line aren't speaking of the first recruiting class. What they're speaking of is the second recruiting class. It's that class they want you to believe he gambled on. That year Pelphrey had six scholarships to use, and only one of those players remain. By claiming Pelphrey gambled and took chances there, they've conveniently removed the fault from Pelphrey for the last two seasons. This is what they've done. Listen people, John Pelphrey had a full year and a half to get ready for that recruiting class, and it still turned out a bust. If any gambling took place there it's his own fault.

How long must we be held hostage by these people that won't shoot straight with us? John Pelphrey doesn't get a pass there in my book, and I'm tired of people telling me he does. It's like I've said before, these people will do anything and sacrifice everything to avoid having a coaching search right now. Even to the point of risking these young men's careers next year with a lame coach. This should be troubling for people.

Dudley Dawson once again tried to deceive the fans yesterday when B.J. Young was brought up. While he admitted B.J. Young had some growing up to do, he omitted the truth about the incident the kid was involved in. The fact is, Young, after scoring 34 points, and with 46 seconds left in a game, doubled up his fist and swung at a player blocking him out. Young missed, but the punch he threw drew him a two game suspension by the St. Louis High School Administration. (Check My Source)

Needless to say, It was a little bit more than a competitive struggle like Mr. Dawson described it as being. Mr. Dawson went on to say Pelphrey should take a chance on this kid. People, Mr Dawson knows as well as anyone the troubles this young man has had on and off the court. (Check My Source)

Is John Pelphrey not gambling on this kid? This is the second time this year BJ Young has been thrown out of a game for problems on the court. This in light of all the other problems he's had. I've claimed Pelphrey didn't gamble on his second recruiting class, but Mr. Dawson says he did, and so do the others! Is it not a little odd to anyone that those claiming Pelphrey gambled then---as a means to excuse what happened then---should be of the opinion it's alright to gamble now? Is it not absurdly inconsistent on their part? Yes, it is.... I will address this further, I promise.



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The bottom is out of the tub--- and they know it.

Bo Mattingly has bitterly reproached me with his preaching about me misrepresenting the facts in my blog. That isn't the case and he knows it. It was actually superfluous on his part seeing I'm convinced the fans stand firmly on the same ground as I. Claiming misrepresentation yesterday was nothing more than him using one of his tactics openly and unambiguously for all to see. When Bo Mattingly counters my factual presentation with the argument, "I think Tim is misrepresenting what Ron Crawford said," this proves to me that his logical arguments are on their last legs.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today was a wonderful example of what I've been talking about.

All we've heard this year from those wanting to keep Pelphrey is we would lose those kids if he was fired. It's been one of their grandest excuses in their defense for keeping Pelphrey. But when someone close to the situation comes on the radio and claims it isn't true, those using that excuse act like they didn't hear it.

My point about Dudley Dawson speaks directly to this. He did show up yesterday and claim once again those kids wouldn't come. If that's his opinion why didn't he speak up the other day when there was a conflicting view on the matter? Does the fan base not deserve closure on the point? We should.

Personally, I believe we did obtain closure on the matter today....At least I hope so. But I imagine they will try to worm their way out of it. Because without that excuse there is no excuse, or justification, for keeping John Pelphrey if this team doesn't get to nineteen. That's simply where their at. I guess that's why they had fudge in their ears the other day, they don't like the prospects of that happening.

I didn't interpret Ron Crawford wrong, and Bo knows it.

Bo clearly asks Ron Crawford about changes affecting these kids decision and he says,"These kids are coming to play for Arkansas. We hope John Pelphrey is the coach". I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm definitely not the dullest. I interpret Ron Crawford's statement as meaning these kids are coming to play for Arkansas regardless of the coach. I infer this because he says, We hope Pelphrey's the coach". Frankly, I can't see how anyone could interpret any other way. But if there is a reasonable explanation, or interpretation, for his choice of words that makes more sense than mine, I would love to hear it. Until then, I stand by what I wrote.

Dudley Dawson must feel like a fool.

It was only two weeks ago he called in and ranted about his "thirty years" experience, claiming the kids next year were coming to play for Pelphrey, and if Pelphrey was fired the kids would probably go else where. I knew the claim was groundless when he made it.

That's why when Dudley was in last Friday and Ron Crawford called in and destroyed that premise, I couldn't help but laugh. Ron Crawford said, "These kids are coming to play for Arkansas. We hope John Pelphrey is the coach.". He all but says a coaching change wouldn't affect their decision.

Surely after having claimed it would, you would think Dudley would've had enough courage to speak up then and say that isn't correct, Ron. Not this coward though. He chose to wait until Monday to once again make his groundless claim. I don't care for Ron Crawford, but I will take his word on this over yours, Dudley.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's face it, Arkansas should be 4-0. Why aren't they?

After reading Wally, and listening to Bo yesterday, it's obvious they believe Arkansas will beat Florida today. They watched the Florida game against Auburn on Thursday night and came to the opinion Arkansas might be a better team, and still has a chance of making the tournament.

I have no problem with that. Let's say Arkansas is the better team. All this talk about this team being young and inconsistent is a bunch of crap. They might be inconsistent, but it's not because their young, I can promise you that. If I were you I would be looking at the coach on this one. South Carolina was a young team. They started three freshman, a sophomore, and one Senior, and weren't even as talented as Arkansas. They definitely were a team Arkansas should have beat. I don't care where they played the game. It also goes without saying, LSU falls into this same category.

As for the game tonight, I don't know who will win it. I really don't care. This is a terrible conference that is rated seventh nationally in strength. It's filled with teams that aren't even mediocre. They're terrible.

That is why I think talk like yesterday is foolish by these men. All their doing is trying to breath life into John Pelphrey, and put him in a better light. Making it appear as if John Pelphrey really has it going in the right direction. It's not, people. Arkansas played the sixth easiest non conference schedule in the country earlier. That's out of three hundred and something teams.... Just because Arkansas raked up a bunch of wins against inferior talent, and are competing in a league that is pathetic, doesn't mean the Razorback basketball program is taking huge steps forward this year. And it most certainly doesn't mean John Pelphrey is the caliber of coach this program needs going ahead with the young men coming in. Fact is, he's not.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

In response to a reader....How do I know Mike Anderson will come back to Arkansas? Destiny!

First off, there are several coaches around the country that would love this job. Anyone that believes the falsehoods this media base has spread about this job being undesirable is pretty gullible.

The only reason the media holds to that worn out, tiring, old line is because they're afraid of a coaching search right now. Not because they believe we can't get a good coach, but because of what the coaching search will produce.

This is also why none of them can find anything wrong with John Pelphrey. That in itself should speak volumes to the validity of this, because John Pelphrey's tenure has been one big joke after another. But still yet, all they do is make excuses for him, and spend their time trying to convince the fans this program is undesirable. And I mean even to the point of lying. I can prove it, and will when the timing is right. This is what I'm about.

This leaves the question then: Who are they afraid of? The answer is Mike Anderson. They know any coaching search put together right now, must include him. If a coaching search was held now and Mike Anderson wasn't hired, this fan base would go crazy demanding to know why not. Especially so, the year before last when Pelphrey was 2-15 and Mike Anderson ran the Missouri Tigers to the elite eight. Had they held a coaching search then and not hired Mike Anderson, there would 've been trouble. We would've marched up the pig trail screaming bloody freaking murder, and burnt that place to the ground.

This leaves another question: Why would you not want Mike Anderson? The answer is simple. They know as well as I do if they hire him he will have a big platform, a big microphone, and a long memory.

Nolan Richardson was like a father to Mike Anderson, people. Coming back here and turning this program around would be sweet redemption for him and Nolan. But not so much for those that had a hand in on screwing them. It would be their worst night mare.

I'm going to stop now because I would really love to go on. I'm going to save it for another day. But I will say this in parting. The depths this program has fallen the last ten years is because a few people were able to dupe you to have their way, and get away with it. They care little for the fans, and less for the program. They sacrificed it in order to get their way, and they still are . I will not let it go. I know who's responsible, why they did it, and how they did it. And they know it.

John Pelphrey should have never been the coach here, people. And if you let them get away with it, they succeed once again in getting their way, and duping you to do it. Why would you let them do that? John Pelphrey is their representative, and he represents everything that is wrong around here. There will be no peace for me here until John Pelphrey hands in the keys to to the Hummer, packs his Uhaul, and gets his cow licked ass the hell up out of here....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arkansas didn't get robbed----they simply got beat.

I've seen the message boards, and to be honest, If I were a supporter of Pelphrey, I would be crying to. But people, Arkansas was the best team tonight, and once again they came up short. It's happened way too often under John Pelphrey.

I know some are blaming the refs, but the refs didn't cost Arkansas the game. I think they missed a goal tending call, but the call with Wade on the baseline could have went either way. If your going to tell me the ref standing by Darrin Horn across the court didn't hear him call timeout before the South Carolina player stepped out of bounds, I'm not buying it. In that situation, if Darrin Horn intended on calling a timeout, which the refs said he did, he would have been calling a timeout as soon as the South Carolina player established possession. It appeared to me as though it was at least the fourth or fifth step up the court before the player touched the out of bounds line. Plus, by Horn's reaction it's obvious he felt he called the timeout before the player stepped out of bounds. As for the backcourt call, it was backcourt. Sorry!

I witnessed Wade and Clarke both catch passes, and then switch their pivot foot right under the refs noses. This is when Arkansas was controlling the game and South Carolina was down five and seven points. South Carolina needed those calls, but they didn't get them. And there were other calls the refs missed that went against South Carolina.

What I don't like is the fact Pelphrey all but cried about it. That's not good. I imagine now his team feels as though they were cheated. That won't bold well for them going back out on the road Saturday against a better team. That's just my opinion. I will say this, I know Bobby Petrino and the football team has been cheated, but I never heard him cry about it. He held his head high, and when questioned about the calls answered, I didn't like it! There's a huge difference between him and Pelphrey. His teams respond after tough losses, let's see what Pelphrey's does.

In thinking of the Pelphrey tenure.

The John Pelphrey tenure is analogous with the story, The lady with winter in her hair and summer in her heart.

There once was a lady that couldn't come to terms with the fact time was getting away from her. In order to prove to herself it wasn't, she decided to go out one night and seduce a younger man into coming home with her for a night of love.

Upon arriving at the local tavern, she quickly spotted the young man she desired. She told him, "I may have winter in my hair, but summer resides in my heart". After a few cordial drinks, the lady told the young man again, "I may have winter in my hair, but summer resides in my heart. Take me home and have your way with me".

After arriving at her house, the two were instantly intimate. After awhile, the lady realized something was wrong. She said, "I know what's wrong, it's because of the winter in my hair isn't". The young man replied, "Listen lady, you might have winter in your hair, and summer in your heart, but if you don't get some spring in your ass were going to be here til fall".

The long and short of it is this people: Time is wasting. Pelphrey has to do something this year. The promise of the young men next year can't be enough.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All Dudley Dawson and his 'thirty years of experience" are good for is one big lie.

Last Friday, and again yesterday, Dudley Dawson with all his lack of insight tried once again to convince Arkansas fans he is some kind of know- it- all. He wants fans to believe every word he utters pertaining to the current crisis of the basketball program, and to follow him without question because of his "thirty-years" of experience.

I would think Mr. Dawson, if he had half the intelligence he claims to, would have opted to keep his mouth shut in light of certain facts. But like all know-it-alls, the urge to be prominent in times of uncertainty and crisis grew to overwhelming for him. I would venture to claim Mr. Dawsons' arrogance has never let him once consider himself as part of the reason why things are in such a state. That kind of truthfulness with ones self is of course rather painful for anyone. But surely someone that has spoken deceptively several times in the past, and been caught without any great retribution, would consider themselves lucky and let it ride. Not Mr. Dawson though.

Mr. Dawson possesses a type of arrogance that is stupid. The only way to get Mr. Dawson to see the error of his ways is to cut a switch and bend his rather large rear-end over your knee and whip him like the arrogant school boy he is. That is what I'm fixing to do.

Last year, John Pelphrey spoke at the Little Rock tip-off club. That day during an interview with Justin Acri, Pelphrey said, "Most people forget that when I got here there were 12 of 13 ineligible". Later that day, about 2 hours later to be exact, Mr. School boy himself sat down with Bo Mattingly and claimed knowledge of those facts, giving credence to them.

I was listening when Pelphrey made those claims, and I said to myself, "That's a lie". And when I heard Mr. School boy with Bo Mattingly, I became convinced it was a lie. Bo Mattingly told Mr. School boy, "That's new. I've never heard that before. Man, I've got to look at Pelphrey in a whole new light" Mr. School boy replied to Bo by saying, "Yea, you have to, Bo. The grade point average when Pelphrey took over the team was 1.54".

Well, what Mr. School boy Dawson did that day, with his "thirty years" experience, is simply lie to the listeners. He lied for one reason and one reason only, he thought he could get away with it. People, the GPA was not a paltry 1.54, but rather a pretty decent 2.04. The fact is, the GPA didn't fall to 1.54 until 2008 after Pelphrey had been on the job a full year. I'm going to say that again. The Grade Point Average was 2.04 when Pelphrey arrived, and didn't fall to 1.54 until a year later in 2008.... Mr. School boy knew that most people would have a hard time believing the lie about 12 of 13 being ineligible if they knew the GPA was 2.04. This is why he took it upon himself to conveniently lie about it and claim the GPA to be 1.54... ( check my source at the end)

I suspected then it was nothing more than another elaborate rouge by Pelphrey and this media base to put Pelphrey in a better light. Let's face it, as fans we have seen the full gambit over the last ten years. Between Houston Nutt and John Pelphrey we have seen this media base exhaust themselves trying to prop this pair of lame coaches up.

I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again. It should be a wee bit peculiar that all these media people are of one mind and voice when it comes to John Pelphrey. Only recently have we heard Bo Mattingly take issue with the direction things are going, but your going to find it was only because he is trying to give that effect. We seen it Friday and yesterday. Bo takes the air, and comes out a little critical of the direction of things. Then Mr.School boy comes on and takes issue with it and then rants off a bunch of lies. Things like: Pelphrey was the fifteenth choice... No one wanted this job.... Dana Altman seen what was behind the curtain and ran for his life... Pelphrey's a good little disciplinarian.... Pelphrey had to take some chances and missed.... Pelphrey's not to blame.... Pelphrey's brought it up out of the ditch.... etc. etc. etc. Please, enough with this crap already.

The sum of the whole is simply this: Even with "thirty years of experience", Mr. School boy Dawson isn't particularly intelligent. Rather, he is remarkably stupid and possesses a very thick head. He essentially follows the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and then stick to it. He keeps to his lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.

I'm Tim from Little Rock and I have begged this thick-headed, arrogant twit with tears in my eyes as big as horse turds to come into the light. He simply refuses like the little school boy he is.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Arkansas squeaks by Alabama Saturday 70-65. Fire John Pelphrey anyway---he's a disgrace.

Well, after the terrible loss at LSU, Arkansas managed to squeak by a very mediocre Alabama team on Saturday. The win brings Arkansas' record to 12-4, and 2-1 in the Southeastern conference.

I suspect those desiring to keep Pelphrey feel as though they won a monumental victory Saturday. They will say, "We're tied for first place in the conference. This conference is down and Arkansas has as much of a chance to win the west as anyone. This is progress. Just wait til next year"!

To this I say, "yea, your tied for the conference lead at 2-1, but if you had a coach that wasn't a joke, you would be 3-0 leading the whole conference".

Just thinking about having to listen to them this week makes me sick. I'm going to be honest here. I don't pull for John Pelphrey and never will. I've seen all I need to see the last two years and no excuses are needed.

The facts concerning and surrounding the tenure of John Pelphrey at the University of Arkansas can be debated from here to the end of the earth. I don't care.... I know the facts, the real facts, and if every fan knew the facts, the fact is there would be no debating. The media in Arkansas can lie, skew, and make it up as they go all they want too. They might even get away with it. It's irrelevant to me as a fan and what I believe to be the best direction for this basketball program.

Two years ago, John Pelphrey played Courtney Fortson against Florida in the SEC Tournament knowing Fortson had been caught shoplifting with Jason Henry at Wal-Mart. One went to jail, the other one didn't. One had his picture in the paper next day, the other was allowed to board a plane and make the trip to Florida. One was suspended, the other one was starting for Arkansas the very next night. That's unacceptable to me.

Courtney Fortson was allowed to make the trip to Florida after having been caught for only two reasons. One is, Wal-Mart doesn't prosecute shoplifters if the items total less than twenty-five dollars. The second is, John Pelphrey was 2-14 and needed a win desperately. (check article below)

I still can't believe John Pelphrey did it, but he did. When a coach is 2-14 and the fans are screaming for his head, this is something that might seal the deal.... He had to know the media of this state wouldn't say anything about it. How did he know this? This is the question the fans of the University of Arkansas basketball program should be asking themselves.

It shouldn't have mattered to John Pelphrey if Fortson's goods totaled twenty-five dollars or not. Fortson was just as guilty from a principle stand point. The fact is, Fortson was more so because he actually had the money in his pocket to pay for his items. And don't get me wrong, I understand college kids do these sort of things. The issue here is not about their character, it's about John Pelphreys'.

I cannot and I will not support John Pelphrey, and frankly, I don't see how anyone else can either. It's a free country though and those that support Pelphrey are entitled to do so. I just wish they knew the whole truth about John Pelphrey and what this media base is doing to keep this bum afloat. A coach that is 2-14 and will so easily throw principle out the window to get win three cannot be our guy, nor should he be.... If he is, count me out. No thanks!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Terrible loss for Pelphrey last night in Baton Rouge. Here's where we stand.

There is only one thing that is objectively incontestable concerning John Pelphrey: He must win.

Bo Mattingly asked yesterday, "What does Pelphrey have to do this year"?

The answer Bo was eliciting can be determined by simple deduction.

Arkansas won 7 games in conference last year, and let's face it, this conference is even worse than it was one year ago. The conference isn't only weaker this year, but Pelphrey has a more complete team. This team consists of all Pelphrey's recruits, and according to the media, this team is better than a year ago.

That being said, lets look at the current state of things. The Razorbacks have to date won 11 games, including their opening conference game against Tennessee. They now have 14 conference games remaining and one late season non-conference game against Florida A&M. Let's all agree, however hesitantly, Arkansas will win that game. That puts their win total at 12. In order for this team and Pelphrey to show improvement upon a year ago, Arkansas must win seven of their remaining 14 conference games. Now, there is the SEC Tournament at the end of the season, and it is possible Arkansas could win four games there. But are any of us really counting on that?

This is where we are, and I'm prepared to let it play itself out. But at the end of the year, don't show up arguing Pelprey showed improvement this year if there aren't 19 wins in the book. He has to win that many before anyone can claim this team was better and improved upon a year ago. Arkansas played the sixth easiest non-conference schedule in the country this year, and while their total wins might be more than last year, it will only be because they won against inferior talent.... No, in order for this team to have shown improvement, and for anyone to claim they have, Pelphrey and this team must get to 19.