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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not enough talent? Oh, there's been enough talent and last nights victory proves it. No excuses now for the inconsistency other than coaching.

It would be a major error if anyone assumes I'm disapointed because Arkansas beat Vanderbilt. Actually, the opposite is true. It would also be incorrect if anyone is of the impression that this took me by surprise.

It is almost exactly true to say those that have supported Pelphrey all along do, in order to justify his lack of success, use the proposition that Pelphrey hasn't had the talent to compete. Rather it be blowouts to teams they should have played closer, or terrible losses to teams they should have beat, the supporters of John Pelphrey have blamed those defeats on a lack of talent---not him.

It would be altogether true to say I've represented the opinion that there is enough talent, and John Pelphrey is the one to blame for the inconsistency of his teams efforts up to this point. It is also just as true to say that after last night, no one can ever claim again that John Pelphrey doesn't have the talent, either for losses suffered, or the losses to come. This is absolutely the accurate account of where things currently stand.

Vanderbilt is a team that had a very tough game on Thursday night against a surging Mississippi State team that went to the wire. Arkansas on the other hand played their last game on Tuesday night against the worst team in the league. It should be obvious to all that watched the game, Vanderbilt simply didn't have their legs underneath them. That's why they were made to look foolish against a very desperate Arkansas team. Vanderbilt just simply could not play perimeter defense. Let's face it, you can't leave Rotnei Clarke open. He will make everything he throws up if not guarded closely. Vanderbilt's inability to play sound defense really showed in what Sanchez was allowed to do to them. Sanchez routinely broke his defender down with quick first steps.

I know your desperate and this win seems monumental right now. But if I were supporting Pelphrey I wouldn't get too worked up over this win. There are several obvious reasons why. The main one being, this Arkansas team under John Pelphrey has had good games before only to follow them up with a string of humiliating defeats. I'm still of the opinion John Pelphrey isn't the guy, and I feel certain that by the end of the season he will prove why he's not.


  1. Tim, I am not at all suprised by Arkansas winning last night. I agree the talent is there. I do disagree with the inconsistency coming in the form of coach pelphry. You see, when a player that normally scores in double digits and pulls down double digit rebounds isn't hitting his shot, I can't blame the coach for that. Why, because the coach isn't the one shooting the basketball. Arkansas has a great opportunitty the next two weeks to string together a few wins. I can't wait to hear your response after these next 5 ball games because 4 of them are at home.

    Another area I disagree with you on is Vanderbilt's legs not being under them, if that were the case Jenkins wouldn't have hit his three pointers like he did and Vandy wouldn't have had 4 or 5 players in doulbe figures scoring, not to mention they wouldn't have made nearly as many free throws as they did. Arkansas played great defense forcing Vanderbilt to earn their points. I give pelphry all the credit for that because it put his players in the right position on the offensive end of the court.

    Myself as do many others think that last night was a sample of what Pelphry wants to do with the arkansas basketball program. The problem isn't with talent this year, the problem is lack of experience at certain spots. But that lack of experience is starting to become a thing of the past because guys like Nobles and Wade while they aren't scoring in droves they are starting to play smarter and better. I to credit coach pelphry and his staff with that.

    You my friend need to take a chill pill and come up with something other than John Pelphry and Jeff Long to be mad about.

  2. Thanks for the response. We will just have to agree to disgree. One of my biggest complaints is with the lack of effort night to night Pelphrey's team routine exhibit every season. There will always be games when shots aren't falling and the breaks are going against them, but that does't excuse the lack of effort nor fundamentals. As far as Vanderbilt, I am right. Arkansas isn't the quicker team, but they appeared to be last night. anytime Rotnei clarke and Micheal sanchez, the slowest players on the team, are able to take their player off the dribble you can bet something is terribly wrong.

    Just do me a favor, when they dump three or four in a row here show back up.

  3. I will gladly show back up if they do dump three or four in a row but when they win 4 of the next five games you need to publicly appologize for being a one trick pony.

  4. Anyone that knows me would hardly call me a one trick pony,but I can see where you might have that impression.

    I really do enjoy this. I'm of the opinion they might drop three of the next four, and your of the opinion they might win three of the next four. I think the evidence is on my side but we will see.

    One thing is for sure, in order for this team to have been better than last year and shown improvement, they must get to nineteen wins. They played the sixth easiest non conference schedule in the country and the sec is worst than it was last year. They had eight wins last year in conference and surely anyone can see that they must atleast eclipse that to argue improvement has been made. That's just to argue about it.

    We'll see how it goes, but frankly I've seen all I need to out of John Pelphrey. He played players the last two years in the SEC tournament that should have been sent home. One should have never made the trip. Two years ago one was caught shoplifting the night before they left for the tournament, and last year some kids missed curfew while at the tournament. Pelhrey played these kids anyway. I cannot accept that when things have been the way they are and they've claimed he was a disciplinarian needing time to clean things up. Playing those kids wasn't the way to do it. And covering it up for him only speaks to what I've claimed the media was doing all along. They will do anything to keep Mike Anderson out of here. I can't set by and let them get away with it. If that makes me a ine trick pony in your judgement---that's just something I will have to live with.

  5. Tim, one problem I have with things you post on here is when you starting throwing around so call facts, no I realize Fortson got caught shoplifting but to say that players missed curfew before the SEC tournament. Where did you read of hear that because I don't recall there being an issue with players missing curfew.

    I am under the belief that when a kid breaks team rules that 9 times out of 10 we will have no knowledge of the disciplinary actions taken. As far as I am concerned, if there is a discipline problem with a player I have no desire to know what action was taken by Pelphry. Now if the player is in trouble with the law, that becomes more of an issue with the school than it does just the basketball team because chances are the school will.

    I don't hardly thing the media has anything to do with keeping Mike Anderson out of here. I also don't think Mike Anderson would be the next coach if Pelphry were to be fired be it after this year or 5 years from now.

    I can't say who I think it would be but I don't see it being Mike Anderson.

  6. For one, and I don't mean this in an insulting manner, but the total tonnage of what I know that you don't is enough to stop a team of oxen in their tracks. And I'm speaking of what transpires on the hill and with this media base.

    I know you don't know about the kids missing curfew, that's part of my problem. And this speaks to them covering things up for Pelphrey. It also speaks to Mike Anderson. Why do you think they would cover up for Pelphrey playing those kids.

    I've laid this all out before, go back and read it. And I intend on laying alot more out when the timing is right.

    My problem with you and the like can be found right here in your latest response. You say you know about the Fortson incident, but not the other one. Ok, so you don't know about the other one. What does that have to do with the Fortson incident? Does it make the Fortson incident less appaulaing because you don't know about the other incident. Well, if it takes the other incident before you can becme appauled---you know about it now, because I told you about it.

    I'm not going to divulge my source, but I will say it is the same source that told me of the Fortson incident and that should be all you need to know. Besides, I'm not the only one that knows about this. It has been discussed in broad daylight before. Sorry you didn't hear it.

    And as far as the media, go back and read my piece from a few days ago. I know it is a little long, but I make a good point at the end of it. Check the sources. There either doing what I claim or not. If they haven't prove it. I'm proving they have.

  7. What a great line today on Bo the Dog Face boys show. Tim that was brilliant, and I quote, "I want Mike Anderson back and I'm tired of 40 minutes of Pel, and want 40 of hell". Rock on Tim.

  8. Good reading, keep us posted

  9. Well they have droped 2 in a row, way to go pel lose to freaking georgia and ole miss at home, we will be lucky to win 2 more games