"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequeces of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of it's powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state."

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Unfortunately for Hog fans---I'm never wrong about the Media.

Bobby Petrino has probably never had so many happy people gathered about him for an up coming season. Wherever he goes, Razorback fans flock to see him to express their heartfelt appreciation for what he has done for Arkansas. In the truest sense of the word, this season has come to represent the pride of the entire state. The only banners flying now are those of a united fan base hungry for even more success, united in a unique affirmation of loyalty, connectedness and faithful attachment.

The highest form of joy on earth is to make other people happy. Who has had this joy in fuller measure than Bobby Petrino himself. The unhappiest people on whom the sun ever shined have now become the happiest in this world. Not one fan of Arkansas would choose to trade places with any other fan in the nation. That which all Arkansas fans have longed and hoped for has now become reality under the blessed hand of Bobby Petrino---A great program, that is a strong national contender.

However justified it is for Arkansas fans to rejoice in this new found national good fortune, to be always aware of it, we may also not forget that it did not just fall into our laps like a ripe fruit, but rather that we had to earn it through difficult battle and sometimes bitter sacrifices.

The success that we so happily enjoy is the result of great challenges, endless work, and deep responsibility. Bobby Petrino was the one who over the last three and one half years had to bear the challenges, work and responsibility. I want people to instinctively remember this whatever the outcome of this season might be.

In recent months, because of all the successes of our program under Bobby Petrino in the short time he has been here, the broad masses have spontaneously started calling for a western division title and a National championship. While I do not believe this to be utterly impossible, hearing this causes me great distress and anguish, especially when it comes from the lips of the media. I should much prefer to have heard only declarations which are absolute---this team is replacing several key components---there are several questions that need to be answered---we are just going to have to wait and see how it all comes together...

It is one thing for fans to get caught up in the excitement of the last two seasons, and to look anxiously to this season as if it will hold even greater excitement, this is natural and altogether fitting. But when the media of this state start taking part in it, egging it on and helping it grow, in light of what they know because of their close interaction with the team, I for one will have nothing to do with it. No, Sir! No, Sir! I will not say what they are saying about this team. Their lips and mine were never destined to speak the same things.

The media of this state are notorious for being wrong. Fact is, they've never been right, about anything! I can promise you it wasn't without convulsions that the media of this state waived bye to Houston Nutt three years ago. If they're on board now with Bobby Petrino then it has to be a ploy. There is no way these guys have forgotten they were dead wrong three years ago. It could also be the reason none of them are willing to adjust their rhetoric concerning where this team really is. Like for instance, the running game and what it meant losing Knile Davis. One person in the media even went as far as to imply that Knile isn't a great back, that he just did what any other back would have if getting all the carries like Knile after the Texas A&M game last year.

I think what they really want is for this team not to live up to expectations. This will give them the leverage they need to take shots at this fan base with their comparisons of the Nutt and Petrino tenures; to put Nutt's in a better light, as well as themselves for having supported him. You can't prop a coach up like they did Houston Nutt and just let it go when it's over. Regardless of how wrong they were, they will never stop, even if it takes a lifetime.

Contrary to what the media will insinuate at the end of the year, winning only eight or nine games will not be a step backwards this year, not if we win our bowl game. I hope I'm wrong and this team goes on to have the year every fan wants them to have, but at this moment I just don't see it happening, not after losing Knile Davis. In this league you must have balance, and unless this team developes a running attack, Tyler Wilson is going to end up looking very average when this team plays an opponent with some pop.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rotnei Clarke was scared and quit. There's really nothing more to it!

For some, it was a sad and moving occasion the day Rotnei Clarke announced he was leaving, but not for me. I'm actually glad this kid is gone. I would prefer to have more than 10 scholarship players on the bench this year, however, if this is what it takes to be rid of John Pelphrey and have Mike Anderson back home, that's the bargain of the century. Hell, from my point of view it could be the bargain of all time.

Listening to Bo and Dudley interviewing Rotnei, I was left with the impression that all three actually believe there were countless proud memories from the time Rotnei was a member of the team. It seemed Bo and Dudley were trying to make Rotnei out as a proud son of this state, that should be praised in song, and regardless of why he left, fans should never sever their ties of loyalty for him.

The interview was particularly sad for me, since several times during it, I had trouble controlling my gag reflex. In other words, the whole thing made me sick.

There weren't that many memories. Certainly none to the magnitude as to erase the fact this kid went running to CBS when he didn't get his way. This put Mike Anderson and the university in a bad light at a national level. When he did that, it was a deal breaker with me, and all the spin in the world won't change it.

I think the reason Rotnei left is anything but worthy of respect. I truly believe Rotnei saw the new kids in the pick up games and was scared to death. I think the returning players are all quicker and stronger than Rotnei and probably fit Mike Anderson's system better than him. I would bet both Rotnei and his daddy recognized this, and without Pelphrey to assure the team is centered around Rotnei, they were afraid he might be nothing more than a role player his senior year. One thing is for certain, Mike Anderson will not play favorites, and the days of Arkansas teams playing without cohesion and unity are over.

Monday, July 25, 2011

8.5 over/under isn't insulting, nor should it be. It's just gambling, people----Do you feel lucky?

This little 8.5 over/under line isn't the biggest display of effrontery this fan base has seen, nor is it the biggest our great coach has seen. Let it ride, people! Let it ride all the way to the bank.

The question before us is---Do you feel lucky? I do, and I do so without regrets. This is the weakest schedule for Bobby Petrino thus far and I believe in him. They might only win eight, but it won't be because our coach failed, this much I do know.

I'm a Bobby Petrino fan and will be until his time is over here. There's not another coach in America I would trust more with the chore that lays before.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mike Anderson has been hired.... Thank you, Dr.Long, it's the right prescription.

John Pelphrey has been "fired", Mike Anderson has been hired, and Tim from Little Rock has retired.

I would like to thank all my readers, especially those that chose to sign up and follow me.

I will be making one final post in my blog after Mike Anderson is introduced as our new basketball coach. Please oblige me, and tune in one last time. It will be tonight, or tomorrow.

It's a great day for our basketball program, our state, and for Nolan and Mike.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Something for Jeff Long to consider.

If Jeff Long is going to make a change this year, I hope he understands that the fans desire must be taken into account when making his decision on the replacement. Whether Jeff Long likes it or not, there is a symbiotic relationship that exists between himself and the fans when a decision such as this presents itself. Jeff Long might have the final say on who the replacement is, but it would be unwise to believe the fans don't have a say in the final verdict. It will be the fans who will determine if Jeff Long's decision is right or wrong.

It's Jeff Long's decision, but it would be levelheaded on his part to demonstrate a willingness to listen to the fans. Only by doing this will Jeff Long come to a decision that is viewed by fans as being assiduously balanced; just anyone will not do in this instance---Tommy Bowden, Jim Grobe, etc...

And before anyone says it, let me say this---Jeff Long doesn't get credit for Bobby Petrino, he fell from the sky a gift from God....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Better put your boots on---it's getting deep!

I thought it was a little peculiar that all the radio shows yesterday and today would be trying so hard to sell how much improvement has been made this year with the basketball team. I thought they would prefer to build up tomorrow nights game with Miss. St. like they did last week for the Kentucky game.

I realized today why they haven't. I was under the impression that tomorrow nights game was for the first round bye in the tournament, but the fact is, it isn't. If Ole Miss wins tomorrow night against Auburn, and Arkansas wins tomorrow night, the Arkansas' game Sat. at Ole Miss will be for second place,  If Ole miss wins the game Sat., they will finish second and receive the bye. It's obvious by their actions this week, the media of this state have no confidence in Pelphrey and the Razorbacks getting the first round bye.

That's why they want to give Pelphrey next year now on the back of the last two wins, and act as if the last three games really don't matter in the scope of the season. Talk about a bunch of people propping up a lame coach.

Their confidence in Pelphrey won't allow them to believe it can be done, but still yet their desperately trying to push him off on us for another year... I've said all along this media base is a bunch of sorry dogs propping Pelphrey up---could it be any clearer than it is now?

It's been said the last two days on three different shows, "Strength of schedule doesn't matter. The hogs have won four more games than they did last year, and that's improvement"..... Talk about a load of crap!  Strength of schedule does matter and they know it----they just don't want to acknowledge it... Why is that?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This week will be judgment week for John Pelphrey!

This mornings paper lists Arkansas as holding second position behind Alabama in the Western division of the Southeastern Conference. I'm more than a little amused they've refused to put Arkansas in their proper position, which is actually third.

The way I understand conference standing calculations to be tabulated, two teams with identical records, 7-7 in this case, the team which has beat the other one holds the edge in any tie. This means Mississippi State holds a firm grasp on second place in the west by their victory over Arkansas earlier in the season. Arkansas is actually the third place team in the west, and if the season ended today they would not receive a first round bye in the SEC tournament---Mississippi State would.

The only ways for Arkansas to gain a first round bye are:
  1. Beat Miss. St. Wed. night. (If Arkansas does, they get it no matter what happens)
  2. If Arkansas loses Wed., Arkansas must win Saturday on the road at Ole Miss, and hope South Carolina knocks off Miss. St. in Starkville.
There it is--beat Miss. St. Wednesday night and Arkansas will get the first round bye. One game, one night, for second place in the west.

I know those that have supported Pelphrey want his future to be determined by the wins over Kentucky and Auburn, but there are three games remaining and they are important ones.

John Pelphrey's team should have plenty of momentum heading into these games, and if he's the coach they claim him to be, there's no reason his team shouldn't finish the season strong. A good coach should be able to get his team to respond with so much hanging in the balance, especially his job. Right?

However, John Pelphrey isn't a good coach, and has no business being discussed in those terms. John Pelphrey is an impostor. He has proven he will do, or say anything to maintain his job. He will play a player that has shoplifted if he thinks it will help keep his job, and in the same instance, throw the other player caught shoplifting under the bus for the same reason. There is no method to his madness, or principle. His players have recognized this, and so have I. Like most of them, I choose not to respect him.

This is why I hope Arkansas doesn't win another game the rest of the year. I hope Arkansas loses to Miss. St. on Wednesday, Ole Miss on Saturday, and whoever they play in the tournament the week after. This will free up Jeff Long to go and get a coach everyone can respect, especially the players!

I know some feel it out of line to hope for losses, that's alright, you don't have to. I will hope enough for all of us, and the future of this program.... You can hate me for it, but right now is the time for a new coach, and without these loses we probably don't get one.

It will be the same thing again next year at the peril of yet another group of young men, and the expense of another wasted year. I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do everything within my power to see this doesn't happen, even if it's the meager act of hoping for loses so a coach I have no faith in loses his job....It wasn't my choice that it come to this----It's those that have kept this lame coach propped up for four years and lied to us do it...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Arkansas beat Kentucky at home, South Carolina is the only team that hasn't...Program changer and job keeper---Not even close.

Well, at least Arkansas didn't join South Carolina as the only teams not to beat Kentucky at home. I imagine this feat will make Pelphrey lovers everywhere jump up and down with joyful exultation.

But for us living in reality of the John Pelphrey tenure, nothing has changed concerning our perception of John Pelphrey's coaching ability.

Such a meager victory cannot do away with the glaring inefficiencies of John Pelphrey, or the disasters this program has reaped under his guidance.

I for one was hoping Kentucky would wipe the floor with Arkansas the other night, but it just simply didn't happen. Ok, fine. But I'm still convinced I'm right about John Pelphrey.

Fact is, I'm more determined now after the Kentucky game than I've ever been before to see a new coach on our sideline. For one, I didn't like John Pelphrey's demeanor on the sideline. I will not tolerate it. As a fan of Arkansas, I was embarrassed a coach of ours would put on such a demonstration. All the fist pumping and face crunching glares were a little over the top.  See, it's one thing to be fired up and happy with the way things are going, but to go to those length's is simply ridiculous.

I want a coach that is more in control of his actions, one that will act like he's been there before, and make good account of himself, the state, and the program. John Pelphrey's actions the other night were far from it. His actions were ones that represent him to a tee, and explain why he doesn't demand respect from his players, or this fan of the program.

The victory over Kentucky was a win John Pelphrey sorely needed, but it wasn't that big. His team is a considerable bit better than they've performed this year. There in lies the problems with John Pelphrey as our coach. This team is better than they were last year, but they haven't proven it on the floor. It's been nothing but more of the same from the previous two years---inconsistency, player problems, and efforts by the media to sell it as hope.

They say, "give him next year and the Arkansas kids and that will be the recipe for success." Better players aren't the answer. This year proves this if it proves anything. They are a better team than they were last year, but where are the results? Last years team won seven games, this years team has only won six in a weaker conference. They might have won more total games overall, but they played the sixth easiest non-conference schedule in the country. They're a better team, but results thus far speak contrary to that. That's on the coach, people!

It's foolish to believe next year will yield better results. What we need is new leadership that can get the most out of his players, and really has a plan and vision for where he's trying to go. Not someone that is out of control and jumping up and down, slapping high-fives with everyone because he beat a Kentucky team at home that hasn't won but one game on the road in the SEC all year.

It's my belief John Pelphrey's actions the other night represent those of a coach who's teams usually follow up good wins with terrible defeats, thus leading to the coach's final demise in the end... Remember Houston Nutt and all the rah-rahing?

John Pelphrey will leave this university a failure. It's altogether fitting. It's just a question of when. I still feel certain it will be this year, regardless of the outcome of the season.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nolan Richardson is one cool man, but I think he has turned Company on us.

Just finished listening to Nolan's interview today at the NWA tip off club. I must say, Nolan is still one cool cat, but I was a little taken back by his belief John Pelphrey is close to turning the corner. It's obvious he hasn't been keeping a close eye on things. He actually admits he hasn't, but for some reason he still said what he did.

It almost sounded as if someone had told him what to say on the subject of John Pelphrey. He gave the company line about the class coming in, and how the team just hasn't learned to finish games. He then elaborated about how this takes time and so on....I wonder who's promised him what?

Bo's interviewing Nolan tomorrow, and I imagine Bo will use the interview to build up tomorrow nights game with Kentucky--- so to do his part to get fans to show up.... He will then talk about Nolan having a good point about learning how to finish off games, and how a player or two next year will help facilitate this process....

Bo will basically do the same things he's been doing the last three years, especially the last two weeks---use his venue to prop up John Pelphrey--- to ensure one more year for him.

If everyone recalls, the last two weeks is identical to what's happened the previous two years:
  • Passionate press conference.
  • Media then spends a week talking about it.
  • Player problems arise--setting up a players departure.
  • Blame season's struggles on said player, not John Pelphrey.
  • Blame player leaving on the player, not John Pelphrey.
  • A lot of talk about players coming in will make it better next year.
  • A lot of talk about how John Pelhrey is changing the culture.
  • Bring in Nolan Richardson for an interview. 
This is what they've done----almost on cue for three straight years----and almost in this order. The names of the players have changed, but it is the same old song and dance...

And all along----John Pelphrey still doesn't understand timeout usage, or how to substitute his players----so a player like Marshawn Powell can find his rhythm in a game.

Hey Nolan, I wouldn't hitch my wagon to John Pelphrey, he's not going to make it. Principle has already passed judgment on John Pelphrey---it's just a matter of time.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

In a nutshell, the rhetoric is over. Hopefully, it was just a prelude for Pelphrey's departure.

I'm sure fans seen through all the rhetoric and tactics used this week to rally support for John Pelphrey. Rather it be John Pelphrey defending himself for his stupid remarks, or one of his lackeys in the media doing it for him, fans have become all to accustomed to it for their efforts to render much effect.

See, neither John Pelphrey, or the media of this state have much character. They have proven this the last four years. They have shown they will lie and say anything they need to at a particular moment. They lie out of necessity. I would even go as far as to say they derive sheer pleasure out of it.

One must recognize this weeks efforts for what it really is---just another attempt by them to use their endless resources and power to circumvent the truth about the current state of things. The truth is, the Arkansas Razorback basketball program is wholly without direction, or plan. Until a change is made it will remain that way. They will continue to routinely fall short of the mark; never reaching the level of success fans want to see.

In listening to John Pelphrey and his lackeys this week, it struck me that they are of the belief time will heal all their wounds. I like to believe it will not. I hope it is as John Lennon said, "Time wounds all heels". Let's hope so.

The lull in the schedule is over and after tonight the week will be too. I can't wait for tonight's game. I can't wait for the rest of the season to play itself out. It's been a long four years and crunch time is here. Let's hold stubbornly to our desire for a coaching change.

In a nutshell, this week hasn't been that bad. Nothing transpired that a terrible finish to the season won't correct. I fully expect Arkansas to "overachieve" at underachieving the rest of the season, and for John Pelphrey to be relieved of his job at the end of it.