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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's face it, Arkansas should be 4-0. Why aren't they?

After reading Wally, and listening to Bo yesterday, it's obvious they believe Arkansas will beat Florida today. They watched the Florida game against Auburn on Thursday night and came to the opinion Arkansas might be a better team, and still has a chance of making the tournament.

I have no problem with that. Let's say Arkansas is the better team. All this talk about this team being young and inconsistent is a bunch of crap. They might be inconsistent, but it's not because their young, I can promise you that. If I were you I would be looking at the coach on this one. South Carolina was a young team. They started three freshman, a sophomore, and one Senior, and weren't even as talented as Arkansas. They definitely were a team Arkansas should have beat. I don't care where they played the game. It also goes without saying, LSU falls into this same category.

As for the game tonight, I don't know who will win it. I really don't care. This is a terrible conference that is rated seventh nationally in strength. It's filled with teams that aren't even mediocre. They're terrible.

That is why I think talk like yesterday is foolish by these men. All their doing is trying to breath life into John Pelphrey, and put him in a better light. Making it appear as if John Pelphrey really has it going in the right direction. It's not, people. Arkansas played the sixth easiest non conference schedule in the country earlier. That's out of three hundred and something teams.... Just because Arkansas raked up a bunch of wins against inferior talent, and are competing in a league that is pathetic, doesn't mean the Razorback basketball program is taking huge steps forward this year. And it most certainly doesn't mean John Pelphrey is the caliber of coach this program needs going ahead with the young men coming in. Fact is, he's not.


  1. Fire John.... Please? After watching that game tonight, I'm embarrASSed to even walk near a television to see what the media says about us, and hear what Sooner, or OK state people say about us. Just simply horrible.

  2. I have been a die-hard UA basketball fan since the mid-70's, when Eddie Sutton brought the program to national prominence. And, as a guy who has attended games in both Barnhill and Walton, I will admit that I "live for" the start of the hoops season each year. But I must say, what we're witnessing today (as true, loyal, long-time Hogs fans)is nothing short of disgraceful. This poor UA team has NO discipline, whether it's knowing what to do WITHOUT the ball on offense, or at the free-throw line; this team has NO clue how to rebound consistenly; and this team (of what I'm sure are fine young men) seems to be "lost" out on the court, at least when they're facing a halfway decent opponent. And all of these deficiencies point to one thing: Inadequate "teaching" from a head coach! I am in hopes that Mr. Long and the UA Board of Trustees will do something to remedy this sad set of circumstances soon. Or what we'll continue to see is Bud Walton Arena with lots of empty seats, terrible outcomes in ALL road games and more of the same, unfortunate reality for which the current head coach is, in my opinion, responsible. I am sure John Pelphrey is a fine man; he is surely a good father and husband; however, he is clearly in "over his head" as a head coach in the SEC.