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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In thinking of the Pelphrey tenure.

The John Pelphrey tenure is analogous with the story, The lady with winter in her hair and summer in her heart.

There once was a lady that couldn't come to terms with the fact time was getting away from her. In order to prove to herself it wasn't, she decided to go out one night and seduce a younger man into coming home with her for a night of love.

Upon arriving at the local tavern, she quickly spotted the young man she desired. She told him, "I may have winter in my hair, but summer resides in my heart". After a few cordial drinks, the lady told the young man again, "I may have winter in my hair, but summer resides in my heart. Take me home and have your way with me".

After arriving at her house, the two were instantly intimate. After awhile, the lady realized something was wrong. She said, "I know what's wrong, it's because of the winter in my hair isn't". The young man replied, "Listen lady, you might have winter in your hair, and summer in your heart, but if you don't get some spring in your ass were going to be here til fall".

The long and short of it is this people: Time is wasting. Pelphrey has to do something this year. The promise of the young men next year can't be enough.


  1. This reminds me of that Garth Brooks song.

    She had a need to feel the thunder
    To chase the lightning from the sky
    To watch a storm with all its wonder
    Raging in her lover's eyes

    El Guapo

  2. Hey Tim, It is no secret that you don't like Pelphry. Are you familiar with something called APR? Do you realize that if a college athletic program that has a problem with players not graduating the APR is affected in a negative way. Arkansas had this problem well before Pelphry got here and even before Health was at Arkansas. What happens when this becomes a problem is the NCAA comes in and takes away scholarships which in turn puts limitations on recruiting.

    When pelphry first got here he was charged with doing more than just coaching a basketball team. He had to patch the boat so it wouldn't sink. Heck had Dana Altman stayed he would have had to do the same think, he too would have had little success the last couple of years.

    Pelphry understands what it takes to win at Arkansas and the type of player it takes to win at Arkansas. The problem is he wasn't able to get that player when he first got here. Clark, Johnson, and Powell fit into the up tempo game. The 5 young men coming in next year fit in with the up tempo game.

    You are all for Mike Anderson coming to arkansas and being the coach to bring the program back. I ask, what are you going to say when Mike's first two seasons at Arkansas are bad seasons and they don't make the NCAA.

    Will you be asking for Anderson to be fired?

    My fear is if Pelphry is let go, especially this year and the next coach isn't successful right away and he too is let go the Arkansas basketball coaching position will become a revolving door.

    There needs to be a foundation in place before success can happen. When pelphry first came, at best the foundation was broken and leaking.

    With Clark, Powell, and Johnson. Pelphry has a foundation to build on. Next year the in coming recruiting class brings the walls and the roof. If Pelphry isn't allowed to coach those young men next year I fear they will choose not to come to Arkansas and ask to be released from their scholarship.

    The next coach would have to start all over. While you may have some good points and have your right to your opinion. Everytime you attempt to throw out facts. Posting one link to one article is not a legitimate way of proving your point. You need to learn the APA style of writing, especially on how to cite a source without plagerizing.

  3. Nice response Saline county Lee. I promise I will answer it either later tonight or tomorrow. I just walked in the door from a very long day. When I'm refreshed I will give this it's proper attention. It needs it, because I don't agree with you on a single point. I think with facts your mind can be changed. I look forward to trying. One thing I will say now is, I haven't plagerized anything. The article referenced in this piece was intended to prove that the GPA wasn't 1.54 when Pelphrey took over the program. It does that.