"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequeces of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of it's powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state."

Monday, January 17, 2011

Arkansas squeaks by Alabama Saturday 70-65. Fire John Pelphrey anyway---he's a disgrace.

Well, after the terrible loss at LSU, Arkansas managed to squeak by a very mediocre Alabama team on Saturday. The win brings Arkansas' record to 12-4, and 2-1 in the Southeastern conference.

I suspect those desiring to keep Pelphrey feel as though they won a monumental victory Saturday. They will say, "We're tied for first place in the conference. This conference is down and Arkansas has as much of a chance to win the west as anyone. This is progress. Just wait til next year"!

To this I say, "yea, your tied for the conference lead at 2-1, but if you had a coach that wasn't a joke, you would be 3-0 leading the whole conference".

Just thinking about having to listen to them this week makes me sick. I'm going to be honest here. I don't pull for John Pelphrey and never will. I've seen all I need to see the last two years and no excuses are needed.

The facts concerning and surrounding the tenure of John Pelphrey at the University of Arkansas can be debated from here to the end of the earth. I don't care.... I know the facts, the real facts, and if every fan knew the facts, the fact is there would be no debating. The media in Arkansas can lie, skew, and make it up as they go all they want too. They might even get away with it. It's irrelevant to me as a fan and what I believe to be the best direction for this basketball program.

Two years ago, John Pelphrey played Courtney Fortson against Florida in the SEC Tournament knowing Fortson had been caught shoplifting with Jason Henry at Wal-Mart. One went to jail, the other one didn't. One had his picture in the paper next day, the other was allowed to board a plane and make the trip to Florida. One was suspended, the other one was starting for Arkansas the very next night. That's unacceptable to me.

Courtney Fortson was allowed to make the trip to Florida after having been caught for only two reasons. One is, Wal-Mart doesn't prosecute shoplifters if the items total less than twenty-five dollars. The second is, John Pelphrey was 2-14 and needed a win desperately. (check article below)

I still can't believe John Pelphrey did it, but he did. When a coach is 2-14 and the fans are screaming for his head, this is something that might seal the deal.... He had to know the media of this state wouldn't say anything about it. How did he know this? This is the question the fans of the University of Arkansas basketball program should be asking themselves.

It shouldn't have mattered to John Pelphrey if Fortson's goods totaled twenty-five dollars or not. Fortson was just as guilty from a principle stand point. The fact is, Fortson was more so because he actually had the money in his pocket to pay for his items. And don't get me wrong, I understand college kids do these sort of things. The issue here is not about their character, it's about John Pelphreys'.

I cannot and I will not support John Pelphrey, and frankly, I don't see how anyone else can either. It's a free country though and those that support Pelphrey are entitled to do so. I just wish they knew the whole truth about John Pelphrey and what this media base is doing to keep this bum afloat. A coach that is 2-14 and will so easily throw principle out the window to get win three cannot be our guy, nor should he be.... If he is, count me out. No thanks!



  1. Tim you need to take a tranquilizer. No Pelhpry is not a great coach but to call the man incompetent is a horrible thing to say. First of all, when he came to Arkansas there were 13 recruits committed under Stan Heath and of those 13 only 1 was qualified to play. Whose fault was that, not Pelphry's. By the way as far as your facts, if you have them then you need to cite your sources because if you don't you are committing plagerism which brings a lot more punishment than $25. All Pelphry has done other than win is work to clean the program up and weed out the bad people on the team. If you ask me the reason Pelphry hasn't been able to put together a winning team is because he's had to spend more time dealing with selfish kids who think they can get away with anything and everything. Why do you think the top teir coaches weren't blowing down the door to come to Arkansas, there were problems that dated back to well before Pelphry was hired. He stepped into a situation and was willing to do all he could to turn the problem around. Pelphry unlike Heath understood basketball at Arkansas. You can call me gullible or brain washed by the media but I for one think Pelphry needs a chance with the kids he has coming in next year. Heck I can remember people saying the same thing about Nolan prior to Day, Maberry, and Miller arriving on campus. That's not to say Pelphry is equal to Nolan, far from it but afer those three showed up things changed in the minds of the fans and I see the same thing happening with the class coming in next year.

    Pelphry used to be an assitant to Billy Donovan at Florida, I wonder what the first few years were like at Florida under Donovan before he took the gators to back to back championships? Those guys come from the same line of coaches who played for or coached under Rick Petino so to say a guy like Pelphry can't coach is like saying a fish can't swim or a bird can't fly. The man knows the X's and O's of college basketball, he may not come across as the smartest guy in his interviews but neither does Les Miles at LSU or George Bush when he was president. Les Miles won a national championship at LSU and has LSU poised to make a run next year.

    I'm not saying Pelphry is going to take this team to the final 4 next year or win a national championship but what I am saying is if he is fired, my fear is the best coaches in the land will be afraid to come to Arkansas for fear the fans will be on them so fast if he isn't producing in the first couple years and everyone will be asking for him to be fired. There needs to be some shine restored to the Arkansas basketball coaching job and as along as their are bringing in a guy for 3 or 4 years only to cut him loose for not satisfying the fans, heck I wouldn't want to coach at Arkansas either.

  2. I appreciate the optimism, but someone needs to explain to you a few things. I will the next couple days. Just tune in.

  3. Tim, I have to say that you are the only reason I listen to Bo's show. That also goes for a growing number of other listeners I have talked to in the past several months. All the guys on 103.7 are afraid to call it like it is because they will not get the interviews they need to continue with a job. Can't blame them for self preservation, but it is nice to hear the truth once in awhile, so we in Arkansas are glad to hear when you call the shows. With that being said, you really need to "keep it real" when it comes to Willie Robinson. Willie is the worst. When his supporters say "well, he shut Ohio St. down in the second half" , you of all people should know that he did nothing in the second half. Ohio St. simply went conservative because they had such a huge lead. Anyone would know there was a 95% chance they were going to run in the second half, the wanted to run out the clock. Robinson cannot stop anyone when they open their offense on us. Please quit supporting the tyrant and keep it real. I only hope they are not getting to you as well, because that is what it looks like when you defend Willie. Don't get me wrong, I still support your efforts with regard the basketball program, but I am afraid you have made a big mistake on Willie. Please think about my Ohio St. example and let me know that you have changed your mind. When you do, I will pushing for you to get your own show. Trust me, if you can tell the truth, your new show will be number one and crush Bo, Rick, Randy and the other guys who are afraid to call it like it is. But if you don't see the light on Willie , I fear you will not get your own show because it will look like you are sucking up to the powers just like the others are doing. If you do the right thing, I think your show will make you a millionaire. We would all listen to you over those other guys because they just say the same thing over and over again. If it were left up to Rick and Bo we would still have Jack Crowe as a coach along with Heath. They can never say what is true.

  4. I look forward to your explanation but before your give your explanation, any facts need to include your sources.

  5. I really do think Willie Robinson has earned his raise. I can see the defense improving under his tutledge and I belive next year they will be very tough.

    I personally feel Bo Mattingly is the best Sports talk person and this state should be thankful to have him. We just need to get him to tell it like it is.

    As for Rick Schaffer, he is simply a company man. I think he loves the Razorbacks, but he is full of it.

    I could never do my own show. It's very funny to me that anyone thinks I could. Thank you though.