"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequeces of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of it's powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All Dudley Dawson and his 'thirty years of experience" are good for is one big lie.

Last Friday, and again yesterday, Dudley Dawson with all his lack of insight tried once again to convince Arkansas fans he is some kind of know- it- all. He wants fans to believe every word he utters pertaining to the current crisis of the basketball program, and to follow him without question because of his "thirty-years" of experience.

I would think Mr. Dawson, if he had half the intelligence he claims to, would have opted to keep his mouth shut in light of certain facts. But like all know-it-alls, the urge to be prominent in times of uncertainty and crisis grew to overwhelming for him. I would venture to claim Mr. Dawsons' arrogance has never let him once consider himself as part of the reason why things are in such a state. That kind of truthfulness with ones self is of course rather painful for anyone. But surely someone that has spoken deceptively several times in the past, and been caught without any great retribution, would consider themselves lucky and let it ride. Not Mr. Dawson though.

Mr. Dawson possesses a type of arrogance that is stupid. The only way to get Mr. Dawson to see the error of his ways is to cut a switch and bend his rather large rear-end over your knee and whip him like the arrogant school boy he is. That is what I'm fixing to do.

Last year, John Pelphrey spoke at the Little Rock tip-off club. That day during an interview with Justin Acri, Pelphrey said, "Most people forget that when I got here there were 12 of 13 ineligible". Later that day, about 2 hours later to be exact, Mr. School boy himself sat down with Bo Mattingly and claimed knowledge of those facts, giving credence to them.

I was listening when Pelphrey made those claims, and I said to myself, "That's a lie". And when I heard Mr. School boy with Bo Mattingly, I became convinced it was a lie. Bo Mattingly told Mr. School boy, "That's new. I've never heard that before. Man, I've got to look at Pelphrey in a whole new light" Mr. School boy replied to Bo by saying, "Yea, you have to, Bo. The grade point average when Pelphrey took over the team was 1.54".

Well, what Mr. School boy Dawson did that day, with his "thirty years" experience, is simply lie to the listeners. He lied for one reason and one reason only, he thought he could get away with it. People, the GPA was not a paltry 1.54, but rather a pretty decent 2.04. The fact is, the GPA didn't fall to 1.54 until 2008 after Pelphrey had been on the job a full year. I'm going to say that again. The Grade Point Average was 2.04 when Pelphrey arrived, and didn't fall to 1.54 until a year later in 2008.... Mr. School boy knew that most people would have a hard time believing the lie about 12 of 13 being ineligible if they knew the GPA was 2.04. This is why he took it upon himself to conveniently lie about it and claim the GPA to be 1.54... ( check my source at the end)

I suspected then it was nothing more than another elaborate rouge by Pelphrey and this media base to put Pelphrey in a better light. Let's face it, as fans we have seen the full gambit over the last ten years. Between Houston Nutt and John Pelphrey we have seen this media base exhaust themselves trying to prop this pair of lame coaches up.

I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again. It should be a wee bit peculiar that all these media people are of one mind and voice when it comes to John Pelphrey. Only recently have we heard Bo Mattingly take issue with the direction things are going, but your going to find it was only because he is trying to give that effect. We seen it Friday and yesterday. Bo takes the air, and comes out a little critical of the direction of things. Then Mr.School boy comes on and takes issue with it and then rants off a bunch of lies. Things like: Pelphrey was the fifteenth choice... No one wanted this job.... Dana Altman seen what was behind the curtain and ran for his life... Pelphrey's a good little disciplinarian.... Pelphrey had to take some chances and missed.... Pelphrey's not to blame.... Pelphrey's brought it up out of the ditch.... etc. etc. etc. Please, enough with this crap already.

The sum of the whole is simply this: Even with "thirty years of experience", Mr. School boy Dawson isn't particularly intelligent. Rather, he is remarkably stupid and possesses a very thick head. He essentially follows the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and then stick to it. He keeps to his lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.

I'm Tim from Little Rock and I have begged this thick-headed, arrogant twit with tears in my eyes as big as horse turds to come into the light. He simply refuses like the little school boy he is.



  1. Bravo Tim. And let us not forget his little sidekick Bo, the Dog Face mutt. A true yes man to Jeff Long and Frank Broyle's if there ever was one.

  2. Well Tim, you just lost me. If you take up for Bo and Willie you must be just like the rest. Bo "the best" sports host on radio, come on man keep it real. Bo is just like Rick. The other day he cut you off on the radio because you wanted to talk about a story that was two years old and you have just let it go. If you were serious about your blog ( and radio career) you would have written about what a liar Bo is and not about Dudley. For Bo to say your story was not relevant because the Fortson situation took place two years ago is why he is a liar. Did Bo report on the steroids scandle of Mark McGwire or Roger Clemens ? Of course he did, but their steriod acts took place years before the story broke and Bo didn't mind talking about that. Did Bo like to talk about the Cam Newton story? Of course he did, but wait, Cam's father asked for the money from Mississippi St. over a year ago. If you believe Bo , it would not be a relevant story because the act of asking for the money took place a long time ago. Bo is full of crap. Your story on Coach John WAS relevant, it was just that Bo is such a punk for the University he shut you down. For Bo to talk at length about steriod scandles and Cam Newton now , when the acts took place years ago is him being a hyprocrit. When Bo so clearly talks out of both sides of his mouth, why didn't you call him out on it? I listened to Bo's show only because of you , but with your crazy backing of Bo and Willie , I don't know if I can continue to actively request radio stations to give you your own show. Don't you realize, you could be the Howard Stern of Sports talk radio and Make Millions? Rent the movie Private Parts. You are Stern and Bo , Rick and Randy are Imus. You could make more money than you ever dreamed of if you would not give in to Bo's ramblings and buy into Willie's defense. Wake up and smell the coffee, you have no idea of the magnitude of your popularity on the radio. You could take over Sports Radio in the state in a matter of months. Listen to the truth. Eighty percent of those I have polled only listen to Bo's show so they can hear you. IT IS A FACT, if you quit calling Bo or another radio station would call you. They need you to say what they really feel but can't. You are selling yourself to short.

  3. Thinking Bo Mattingly is the best Radio personality in this state doesn't mean I'm taking up for him. I don't like the way the man does me sometimes, but to deny his talent and what he brings to the sports arena of this state is something I cannot do. I remember what it was like without him. We're lucky to have him as mad as he might make us. He's still the enemy, but I don't want him going anywhere. (maybe hell every now and then)

    As for Willie Robinson, I know he has his critics, but I've never been one. I'm perfectly willing to trust Bobby Petrinos' judgement on this one.

    We have coaches that need issue taken with around here, but Bobby Petrino isn't one of them. And calling for Willie Robinson's job, is in fact, taking issue with Bobby Petrino seeing he's decided to keep him. I'm not doing that.

    When the day comes I think Willie should be fired, believe me, I will not hesitate in saying so. But right now I like Willie's approach, his attitude, and I like the way the kids play for him. I personally think Willy should have quitened his critics this year, and if he didn't he will next year.