"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequeces of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of it's powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why are they continually deceiving us about John Pelphrey, and what is really going on here? Want a piece of advice? Learn everything, forget nothing.

It should be noted that on four separate occasions yesterday, I heard four different media persons use the exact same line when questioned about Pelphrey's future. Everyone of them said this, "I think regardless of what happens this year, John Pelphrey will be allowed to coach the kids next year, and if he doesn't win then, then something will be done. With Pelphrey taking over what he did, I think Jeff Long believes Pelphrey had to take some chances and gamble on some kids".... I have several problems with this.

The first problem is this: The people stating this did so as if they were reading it from a card. That isn't the case, though. The real reason it sounded that way is because they've had lots of practice the last two years saying it. I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of hearing it.

The second problem is: There's no way on earth John Pelphrey should be allowed anywhere near these kids. Based on events the past two years, it should be considered reckless on Jeff Long's part for even entertaining the notion of it. Plus, whom among us honestly believes there will be any significant improvement next year? Does anyone actually think after giving Pelphrey another pass, Jeff Long and this media base won't earnestly try again to find some way to excuse another bad season?

Thirdly: How in the world can anyone blame the failure of Pelphrey's first two recruiting classes on his "having to gamble and take chances"? Pelphrey took this job in the spring of 2007, and had four scholarships to use then. If any gamble was made on players it was then. There were some time constraints for Pelphrey. However, out of the four kids recruited that year, only two turned out to be busts. As for the other two, Micheal Sanchez and Marcus Brit, there still on the team.

Those using this line aren't speaking of the first recruiting class. What they're speaking of is the second recruiting class. It's that class they want you to believe he gambled on. That year Pelphrey had six scholarships to use, and only one of those players remain. By claiming Pelphrey gambled and took chances there, they've conveniently removed the fault from Pelphrey for the last two seasons. This is what they've done. Listen people, John Pelphrey had a full year and a half to get ready for that recruiting class, and it still turned out a bust. If any gambling took place there it's his own fault.

How long must we be held hostage by these people that won't shoot straight with us? John Pelphrey doesn't get a pass there in my book, and I'm tired of people telling me he does. It's like I've said before, these people will do anything and sacrifice everything to avoid having a coaching search right now. Even to the point of risking these young men's careers next year with a lame coach. This should be troubling for people.

Dudley Dawson once again tried to deceive the fans yesterday when B.J. Young was brought up. While he admitted B.J. Young had some growing up to do, he omitted the truth about the incident the kid was involved in. The fact is, Young, after scoring 34 points, and with 46 seconds left in a game, doubled up his fist and swung at a player blocking him out. Young missed, but the punch he threw drew him a two game suspension by the St. Louis High School Administration. (Check My Source)

Needless to say, It was a little bit more than a competitive struggle like Mr. Dawson described it as being. Mr. Dawson went on to say Pelphrey should take a chance on this kid. People, Mr Dawson knows as well as anyone the troubles this young man has had on and off the court. (Check My Source)

Is John Pelphrey not gambling on this kid? This is the second time this year BJ Young has been thrown out of a game for problems on the court. This in light of all the other problems he's had. I've claimed Pelphrey didn't gamble on his second recruiting class, but Mr. Dawson says he did, and so do the others! Is it not a little odd to anyone that those claiming Pelphrey gambled then---as a means to excuse what happened then---should be of the opinion it's alright to gamble now? Is it not absurdly inconsistent on their part? Yes, it is.... I will address this further, I promise.




  1. From will in rogers,
    Tim I wanted to run my thought by you to get your opinion-
    First of all we are in full agreement on 2 things for sure-
    1. If the fans are truly honest no one can say that they are even remotely happy with the state of the program
    2. No matter who the coach is - they should be held accountable and if they can not get the program to where it needs to be the administration is responsable for correcting the situation

    This is where we start to disagree....
    The best way i can describ my opinion on this is by telling you a quick story about growing up in eastern AR bird hunting with my dad. I remember once we were out with several of his hunting buddies and one of the guys bird dogs was struggeling, we could all tell that the dog was just not a good bird dog. The man was very upset and yelled, kicked and beat on the dog. On our way home my dad told me that it was important for me to know that it was wrong of the man to do that because the dog was trying but could not help that it was not a good bird dog. He told me that how he would have and does handle this is not to beat on the dog but realize that the dog is doies the best it can it is just not a good dog and to get ride of the dog.
    This is my only problem with how i se the fans reacting to the current situation. The way i see it, john pelfree is not a bad guy, he is to the best of my knowledge doing the best he can, he is just a young, inexperienced coach who is over his head. As i recall he was not our first or even forth choice as a head coach. We should remember that the guy cant fire himself. If we are to be angre and to point fingers it should be at the administration for not caring enough for the program to hire excelence. So for me it comes down to this
    Q1 is the admin commited to improving the program and are they willing to put the money into it because we can get the rit coach for the right amount of money.
    2. If the answer to q1 is no then the next question is can we get a better coach than the one we have.
    If the answer is no then we need to work at convincing the admin to change and or live with pelfre and hope that he can mature and improve.
    As far as pel or any coach the only thing we should expect from them is to do there best and including try there best to learn from there mistakes and grow. I ma not sure you agree with all of this but surely you can see that continueing to beat the dog is not the answer we have to convince the owner to get ride of the dog. Please let me know what you think...

  2. To either Will or Hurst( it is a little unclear) Yes Sir, I will respond to this, but give me til tomorrow. It's getting kind of late and I'm watching a pretty good game at this moment. I appreciate your comment. I will say this now, Pelphrey's not innocent in this mess. And I'm never letting go.

  3. Tim, I am a little concerned with your fortitude. We got the crap beat out of us down in Florida, and not once have you spoken about it on the web. I am worried that you are part of the big Pelphrey cover up. In fact, I have previously asked you point blank in a prior comment to state your thoughts on the Florida game and you refused. I have on multiple occasions asked you why you let Bo slide the way you do, and you then took up for Bo. Your readers can look at my earlier comments and see that you dodge the really tough questions when it comes to your idol Bo Mattingly. I have previously asked you why you didn't call Bo out on " old story" excuse when it came to Pelphrey playing Fortson after the walmart incident. Instead of posing the question to Bo , you simply said "Bo is the best". What a joke. Bo is one of the reasons Pelphrey is still here, and you seem to like it. Are you some sort of Patsy for Bo's show or for the university? So, I will ask you one more time, WHAT ABOUT THAT FLORIDA GAME. And please quit sucking up to Bo. You are giving us fans who are tired of Pelphrey a bad name.

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  5. I thought the Florida game spoke for itself. Why did I need to say something about it?

    My desire is to win every argument they put forward in defense of their position on Pelphrey, and to make them look foolish for even trying to defend it. There are several of these arguments to win, and I'm only one person. These things take time and patience. I feel as those I'm doing a pretty good job, regardless of whose noticing it or not.

    Don't get caught up in just one incident like the Fortson shoplifting issue. Just take note of it, and never forget about it. And likewise all the other issues.

  6. As for the Fortson shoplifting issue, I've been sreaming about that for two years around here. It's not had any effect. It should have, but it hasn't. Those that let him get away with it act as if it wasn't that big of a deal. The fans in turn let them get away with acting like it wasn't a big deal. I didn't. I'm the one that pointed it out. There's several other things around here I've pointed out as well that has went unnoticed. I would back up off my ass a little bit here If I were you. Give a brother a break.

  7. ya know, if arkansas finds it in them to beat Vandy tonight, I can't wait to hear what Tim has to say on Bo's show.