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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ok readers, Dudley Dawson has agreed to a question and answer session.

Dudley Dawson and I had a pleasant exchange last night, and he has agreed to come on my blog and answer some questions. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of a few things. keep your fingers crossed. We still need to set the format--stay tuned.


  1. Put my comments up.
    You do that, that takes care of your part of the deal and I'll honor mine.

  2. The deal was you would answer some questions about your comments last night that are in complete contradiction with what I've wrote in this very blog.

    It's either the way I claim it is or the way you claim it is. I've offered you an oppertunity to clear it up.

    I only have five questions for you to answer. I think the readers deserve to hear what you have to say.

    You didn't address any of the questions last night that I've raised in this blog concerning you, except to completely deny every thing. That's not good enough, and you know it.

    I'm sorry for the tragedy in your life. I sincerely am. I'm also delighted you've found happiness again. I wish you all the best.

    But you've proped Pelphrey up and that just something I can't abide. Let's get to the bottom of it for the fans. Come on already.

  3. Dudley don't think I don't know why you want those comments posted sooooo badly.

    Unfortunately though big boy, you let that ship sail. I've already moved on.

    I gave you every chance, and you chose not to take it. That's not my fault big boy.

    Your always welcomed here and feel free to post another comment. I will never ask for money or treat you unfairly.

    You did me once on your forum in Hawgs illustrated. It concerned the courtney fortson shoplifting incident.

    I got on there claiming it happened and was beating up on Pelphrey for having played him, and you erased it.

    Then you went off on a rant about how you didn't want to beat up on the young man because he was trying to get his life in order. (This happened during Fortson's fourteen game suspension)

    It was very noble of you, but the point I was making about Pelphrey playing him went out the window.

    It did so, sir, with a quick punch of the delete button by you, and some crafty penmanship. You then kicked me off the website and blocked me from ever getting back on there. All while you where setting at the media table watching the Razorbacks get their ass whipped.

    It took you all of 30 minutes to erase my comments, write the BS you wrote, and block me from getting back on there. All while setting there watching the game. You earned your money that day

    I know you remember it. But I imagine your a little surprised to know it was me. I was using the name redemption hog. Does it ring a bell, big boy?

    So do me a favor--never claim again you haven't proped up and covered up for John Pelphrey. You damn sure did that day and you know it. You simply didn't want the people on your website reading what I was saying.

    It's incidences like this that prompted me to demand a few questions before letting your crafty penmanship spin it's evil web. Was I asking to much after the treatment I received that day from you? I think not Big Boy.

    Please feel free to reply. good night, I'm going to bed. hope to hear from you tomorrow. and oh, nice job by tonight wasn't it?

  4. Dudley Dawson says in response to my comments above:

    "As for CF, there was no police report. That is the burden of proof Stephen's Inc uses as guidelines for the site".

    Well Dudley, you're right their wasn't a police report. That's because his goods totaled less than twenty five dollars. But Wal-Mart did put him on their shoplifters list. That shouldn't violate any of Stephens guidelines. It's an officail list for all to see.
    But once again your trying to throw up a smoke screen. After you deleted my comments about Pelphrey, you wrote on the message board, "the young man is trying to get his in order". Those comments were left posted on there. What you erased was my points about what it meant for Pelphrey when he played him.

    So, don't imply with your comments today you were worried about guidelines, because that is just simply not true. You were worried about what I said about Pelphrey playing him. That's why you erased those comments and left your comments about him getting his in order on there. If you were worried about guidelines you would have deleted all the comments made that day. You didn't though.

    You also say today, "I don't remember redemption hog, but we have so many posters, it's hard to remember all of them".

    Well, I have to hand it to you, atleast you don't deny it happening. But sir, I know you remember it. You spent thirty minutes deleting my comments and removing me from your website. All from the media table at Bud Walton Arena during a hog game. It's only been a year since it happened-- I have a hard time believing you've forgotten it. I bet you wish now you could.

  5. Tim, you crack me up! Keep on, keepin on man...