"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequeces of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of it's powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state."

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Shall Return!

Your not going to want to miss it....I'll explain later.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Courtney Fortsons' comments say it all.

I've always known there was more to Courtney Fortson's lengthy suspension than what was being said. This week Courtney made some comments to Bo Mattingly that verifies everything I've claimed. Once again, John Pelphrey, Jeff Long, and several influential media persons have taken advantage of a young man in order to cover up their improprieties of the past. They did this to maintain John Pelphrey as coach and to deny Mike Anderson a chance to return home. I started to write about it this week after hearing Frank Broyles last week, but I was tied up by the results of the baseball tournament, and the rumor about Arkansas going to the Big Twelve. Rather than blogging, I was forced to pick up the phone and call in. In doing so, my blog was neglected and the stuff I planned for this week was shoved aside. However, I will be picking it back up and posting the first installment on Monday evening. Stay tuned--it's going to be good.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The excuses are rolling in.

The Hogs lost and there is only one person too blame, Dave Van Horn. This team was good enough to win it all this year, and now after losing, the morning shows are blaming injuries and saying Arkansas got farther than they should have. I can't wait to see what Bo says---as if we don't already know.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dave Van Horn gave the game away....away....away!

Last night after Arkansas managed to tie the game, Dave Van Horn benched Bolsinger and opted to go with Heatley. Why would he do that? Bolsinger had only given up 3 runs, and Van Horn decided not to change pitchers when Bolsinger was in the jam. He only gave up three runs, and managed to get out of the inning when it could have been a lot worse. It was a small victory, and the team managed to come right back and tie the game. This probably would have settled Bolsinger down. Heatley did allow Arizona State to retake the lead that inning. Too me, taking Bolsinger out at that moment was stupid, but not nearly as stupid as Dave Van Horns' decision not to go with Eibner when Arkansas had the one run lead in the bottom of the ninth. Instead, Van Horn stayed with Pratt and he ended up allowing the tying run. I assumed when Pratt came out to start the ninth that Eibner was unable to go, but that wasn't the case, Van Horn brought him to the mound in relief of Pratt. The announcers were stunned Van Horn decided to go with Pratt to start the inning, and after Arkansas gave up the tying run and Van Horn went to Eibner, they couldn't stop themselves from calling it a "blunder" by Van Horn. They were right.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Watch out Frank Broyles. Your adding fuel to the fire when you make blunders like that.

Earlier this week when Frank Broyles stated Arkansas wouldn't have been invited to the Big Twelve when it formed is perfect for my next discourse. I've always claimed Frank Broyles is responsible for the destruction of our basketball program, and that his actions, along with others, are nothing short of criminal acts. Starting Monday, I will tell my readers the real facts surrounding the firing of Nolan Richardson, the tenure of Stan Heath, the hiring of John Pelphrey, and the truth about the people that allowed Frank Broyles to get away with hoodwinking the fans. In between, I will also be commenting about the baseball team. I for one hope they pull this series out against Arizona State, because I would prefer not having to deal with it, but something is telling me I'm going to have to.

They should have made the College World Series this year, and their chances of doing so would have been considerably better if this team had not, for the last two years, dumped eight or nine games in a row coming down the stretch. Both times it has cost this team a bid to host a super regional. No team this talented should ever lose that many in a row. Last year they got away with it, but this year, this team is having to play the overall number one seed at their place, and this is inexcusable for this talent laden team. There will be no excuses if they are unable to pull it off. This team was destined for the College World Series when this season started, and Dave Van Horn will be under scrutiny if they don't make it, I promise. So please Dave Van Horn, get this team ready to play. I'm Tim From Little Rock, go Hogs!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Frank Broyles Is Senile.

Obviously, although he didn't sound like it, Frank Broyles has lost his mind. He actually took the airways today and said, "if Arkansas hadn't made the decision to go to the SEC, we wouldn't have been invited to the Big Twelve. I've been told that over and over again".

Bo Mattingly even acted like this was credible. He said, "that's big news. I've never heard that." Duh! No one has. That's why it's not news, and most definitely not credible. For one, Arkansas left the Southwest Conference in 1990, and the Big Twelve didn't form until 1996. Second, it's Frank Broyles saying it---- A man that wants to protect his legacy, and enhance it if he can.

When Frank Broyles left three years ago, there were numerous people across this state who formed the opinion, Frank Broyles was no longer capable of handling the position of Athletic Director. This was influenced by peoples impression Frank became too concerned about his legacy, and was no longer acting in the University's best interest. These impressions were, in part, formed by Nolan Richardson's firing, and Frank's refusal to fire Houston Nutt for two years. You can't forget the botched Dana Altman introduction and the negative feelings surrounding the hiring of Altman, which subsequently, prompted Altman to resign the next day.

Frank was a good Athletic director one time, and he did get Arkansas into the Sec, but in the end it was obvious he stayed too long. What Broyles said today deserves no merit. It was simply an old man still worried about protecting his legacy. Too me, he has to be considered senile for once believing his legacy needed saving--- Four years with Pelphrey hasn't been enough to destroy it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Make up your mind Jimmy. And quit lying Bo.

Two weeks ago Jimmy Dykes announced it was his belief that there are only a few "difference makers" as it pertains to coaches in Collegiate athletics. Today, he shows up and right off the bat disagrees with Bo about the importance of the coach. Jimmy said, "Bo, I disagree with that, it's the coaches that motivate and get these kids to play their best". Well Jimmy, are there only a few that do this? By your statement two weeks ago it's really hard to tell what you believe. Do me a favor, get it straight. Which is it? Someone that is professional, like yourself, should have a better grasp on what he believes or doesn't believe! This was a total contradiction in a period of two weeks

Bo took a shot at me again. He said, "just because a coach leaves Bolsinger in the game too long doesn't mean he is a bad coach". That's correct Bo, it doesn't necessarily mean that, but it could. One thing's for sure, it was a bad decision by Dave Van Horn. It did cost them the game and force an elimination game the next night. But that isn't even the point and you know it. The point here is, you showed up the next day blaming injuries and errors for the loss. That was insulting too me. For you to sit there and excuse it is simply inexcusable. Dave Van Horn's job isn't in jeopardy, and he doesn't need you making excuses for his bad decisions. This fan base does need you to tell it like it is though about these coaches, and this is just another instance where you refused to do it.

Bo said yesterday that he never has presented himself to the fans as an "exclusive source". I knew he was lying though. I happen to listen everyday to the intro leading into his show where they introduce themselves as "Arkansas' exclusive source". I've heard it a thousand times. But we won't any longer, they've recently changed it. I guess that's why he felt comfortable lying about it yesterday live on air when he had his back to the wall.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bo's up to his old tricks

Dave Van Horn cost Arkansas a game the other night when he refused to pull Bolsinger when it was obvious he didn't have his best stuff. This forced an elimination game, one Arkansas should never have been in, but Bo Mattingly refused to scrutinize the decision by Dave Van Horn to leave Bolsinger in the game. Rather, he came on air the next day talking about injuries and errors. Not a word critical about Dave Van Horns' decision when it was obvious to any listener or observer why Arkansas lost the game. That loss relegated the Hogs to coming back the next night for an elimination game. I pointed this out to him and he acted as if I was crazy for wanting him to tell it straight. Too me, a coach needs the scrutiny to be his best, but Bo thinks that would be out of line. Bo, if it's not your place to scrutinize coaches of the University of Arkansas who will? The fans can't, Jeff Long's refusal to act on Pelphrey has proven this. If you scrutinize Pelphrey, Jeff Long has to listen, and this fan base might be able to have hope as it pertains to the basketball team. We would have Mike Anderson as coach and the program would be in the hands of a guy that can coach.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

There's A Storm Coming.

Over the last three month's, the media of this state have managed their way through the rocky course that challenged them after Arkansas lost to Georgia in the SEC Tournament. Arkansas had dumped seven of their last eight games and the media found themselves clueless about what to say to the fans. Back earlier in the season, after the Razorbacks managed a five game win streak, this media base ecstatically proclaimed, "Pelphrey is the man". The media thought they had succeeded in keeping Pelphrey propped up and Mike Anderson out. They jumped to these conclusions way too soon and I told them so. I knew the win streak bared no facts or evidence contrary to what had already been judged about Pelphrey by the fans. The win streak came on the back of teams with a combined RPI rating of 115, and could hardly be called impressive. However, the media acted like this team had climbed a mountain of conquest. They acted like John Pelphrey was really coming into his own. Bo Mattingly said, "some of you are starting to see the real John Pelphrey, your getting to know him". Bo acted as if all those that claimed Pelphrey was a terrible coach had crow to eat. Well, it was Bo and his cronies that should've been eating crow after the seven of eight game losing streak, and the embarrassing loss to Georgia in the SEC tournament. They should have ate crow and then apologised for ever using John Pelphrey and the words "good coach" together in the same sentence.

Over the next few days I will be writing everything I know about the lengthy Fortson suspension, about the media's ploy this past season concerning Fortson, and their subsequent ploys at the end of the season---Ricardo Ratliff, Mark Gottfried, James Dickey, hiring AAU coaches, and what it all means for the fan----It's not good.

Over the next few days, I'm going to take shots at the media, Jeff Long, and John Pelphrey. What has went on here is criminal and I'm fixing to tell my readers how.

Friday, June 4, 2010

There Will Be No Miracles For John Pelphrey.

Luck is always on the side of those that have earned it, and history always sides with those that have fought the good fight and refused to give up. John Pelphrey represents everything that is corrupt and rotten, and in no way entitled to such distinctions or consideration. Pelphrey represents mediocrity, but wears the clothes of hope and success. These are bestowed on him by the media who are driven by a queer agenda. That's to say, "it's odd or peculiar".

One can understand their strategy, but only in context of the general situation. The media have their hands over their mouths. They can no longer tell the truth to their own people. They are being pursued by people for truth and they can hardly say things as they are. With John Pelphrey their in a tight spot. They can't tell their people the sad facts about him, since his tenure has turned out completely different than they were hoping for. They are now forced to save face, to cover up for Pelphrey's loses, and to invent victories that really don't exist. They will never admit that their lies and cover ups have given most people a false and misleading picture of the situation. Rather, they employ tactics aimed at protesting against peoples "unreasonable expectations". They do this without ever giving clear reasons why the expectations are unreasonable.

Have no fear though, in all their efforts to minimize the fans outrage against Pelphrey, and to further themselves and their queer agenda, the media have ensured they are the one's holding a "unreasonable expectation", and it will become evident to all over the next few month's. They weren't given the 96 team expansion and Pelphrey's team will be on the outside looking in again, and they know it. Their going to be forced to invent other ways to convince people Pelphrey needs another year. This time they will find the most unpleasant of surprises, we're not having it.

I have some good stuff in the works to bring you over the next day or two. Your not going to want to miss it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bo And Jimmy Are Tag Teaming Us

These guys just won't stop. Bo interviews Pelhrey, drags some quotes out of him, and then Jimmy comes on to affirm what Pelphrey has said. Then Jimmy starts talking about what kind of good guy Pelphrey is and how well thought of he is. Jimmy then tells us that every time someone finds out he's from Arkansas they want to talk about Pelphrey.... Really Jimmy? I find that hard to believe. For one, Pelphrey isn't a good guy or coach. A good guy doesn't play players that miss curfew and shoplift just because he needs to win a game. He can't be a good guy in that scenario, nor can he be a good coach. Only a bad coach finds himself in the position to sacrifice his principle for the sake of a win. A good coach doesn't need a win that bad.

I wish you guys would just stop. You can keep on telling us Pelphrey is a stand up guy till your blue in the face, but the facts say different boys. Pelphreys' actions say different boys. It's like I've said all along, you people think if you just keep saying it, and run off all those that know different, it will suddenly become that way.... It won't though, I promise you.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

For My Readers Who Love History

Those who love history and love to read about it should take a look at the list below. These are books I've read and would recommend to my all my readers. It's a diverse list and should have something for everyone on it. I will add to it when I read something good.