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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bo's up to his old tricks

Dave Van Horn cost Arkansas a game the other night when he refused to pull Bolsinger when it was obvious he didn't have his best stuff. This forced an elimination game, one Arkansas should never have been in, but Bo Mattingly refused to scrutinize the decision by Dave Van Horn to leave Bolsinger in the game. Rather, he came on air the next day talking about injuries and errors. Not a word critical about Dave Van Horns' decision when it was obvious to any listener or observer why Arkansas lost the game. That loss relegated the Hogs to coming back the next night for an elimination game. I pointed this out to him and he acted as if I was crazy for wanting him to tell it straight. Too me, a coach needs the scrutiny to be his best, but Bo thinks that would be out of line. Bo, if it's not your place to scrutinize coaches of the University of Arkansas who will? The fans can't, Jeff Long's refusal to act on Pelphrey has proven this. If you scrutinize Pelphrey, Jeff Long has to listen, and this fan base might be able to have hope as it pertains to the basketball team. We would have Mike Anderson as coach and the program would be in the hands of a guy that can coach.


  1. Tim can I have your autograph!?

  2. Tim.... have you ever heard, "if you don't have anything good to say, then don't say it at all?"

    Food for thought...

  3. When is Dave Van Horn going on the Wall of Shame?

  4. Tim...its hard to follow your thought process from attacking John Pelphrey, an obviously mediocre basketball coach, to attacking Dave Van Horn, one of the best college baseball coaches in America. While you may have a point attacking Pelphrey, you risk loosing any credibility you may have, which really isn't much come to think about it, when you start attacking Van Horn.

    Did he make a bad coaching move leaving Bolsinger in the game? Maybe...but that's like saying the football team would have won the Florida game if Bobby Petrino would have pulled Mallet and put in Tyler Wilson.

    Lets face it...you are a one trick pony. You are a decent at lambasting Pelphrey , but don't get all caught up on your coach bashing. Your not even all that good at criticizing a mediocre coach, you totally fail at bashing a good coach. As Clint Eastwood once said "A man has got to know his limitations"

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  6. In response to satch,

    Dave Van Horn might very well be a good coach, but it's my opinion he employed the wrong strategy the other night. That is fair game and well within my domain. I never would have mentioned it if Bo hadn't started making excuses for the loss. That's the same crap that has led to a fourth year for John Pelphrey. I can't abide it, nor will I. I appreciate your your comments and I hope I've explained it to your satisfasction. I couldn't hardly call Bo out for his excuse making without taking issue with the incident he's excusing.