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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dave Van Horn gave the game away....away....away!

Last night after Arkansas managed to tie the game, Dave Van Horn benched Bolsinger and opted to go with Heatley. Why would he do that? Bolsinger had only given up 3 runs, and Van Horn decided not to change pitchers when Bolsinger was in the jam. He only gave up three runs, and managed to get out of the inning when it could have been a lot worse. It was a small victory, and the team managed to come right back and tie the game. This probably would have settled Bolsinger down. Heatley did allow Arizona State to retake the lead that inning. Too me, taking Bolsinger out at that moment was stupid, but not nearly as stupid as Dave Van Horns' decision not to go with Eibner when Arkansas had the one run lead in the bottom of the ninth. Instead, Van Horn stayed with Pratt and he ended up allowing the tying run. I assumed when Pratt came out to start the ninth that Eibner was unable to go, but that wasn't the case, Van Horn brought him to the mound in relief of Pratt. The announcers were stunned Van Horn decided to go with Pratt to start the inning, and after Arkansas gave up the tying run and Van Horn went to Eibner, they couldn't stop themselves from calling it a "blunder" by Van Horn. They were right.

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  1. How about pitching to the Pac 10 player of the year with 2 out and a man on 2nd???