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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hey Randy and Marcus, if your going to call coaches out, try finding one that deserves it. Willie Robinson doesn't.

I'm going to say this one more time for the those that feel comfortable trashing a good man. Willy Robinson has in no way shown any sign that he may not be a good coach. The man inherited a defense that suffered by comparison to others in the league in size and quickness. Since then he has been trying to retool and get the defense the way it should be. While at the same time, trying to get things done on the field with mediocre players. In doing so, the defense has shown improvement, and they have managed to step up big in some games, not all, but some. This is a work in progress and no one should be criticized for doing a pretty good job with what Willy had to work with. I know the numbers stink, but I don't think Willy Robinson does. This year should tell us rather or not Willy Robinson can get the job done. It seems pointless to be calling for his head, and telling people he's too blame for the defense being ranked last in the conference. Especially, the week before fall camp starts.

That's exactly what Randy Rainwater and Marcus Elliott were doing Friday evening and to be honest it was very upsetting for me. Marcus Elliot routinely bashes this guy, and he does so knowing only what we all should know. This defense was not very good when Willy Robinson took them over. For one of our radio guys to be leading the "let's fire Willy" crowd is insulting when he has done nothing to be fired for. The man deserves this year, and he deserves to go into this year without heckling. People, if not for the defense stepping up against East Carolina, the Razorbacks would have lost the Liberty Bowl. The momentum this program now enjoys would have been squashed. I know this to be a foreign concept on Drive Time, but they need to give credit where it's due, and likewise criticism. It sickens me we have endured coaches like John Pelphrey, Houston Nutt, and Reggie Herring without a negative word being said. Dave Van Horn can cost Arkansas a shot at a title and this media base thinks that's good work. It's not and it never will be. Maybe one day they will actually tell it like it is. Yesterday sure wasn't it.



  1. Tim....get back to blogging.
    Why are you propping up Willie Robinson?

    El Guapo

  2. Ur my hero bro. I'm 37 yrs old & been keeping up w the bb team since Nolan was hired.
    T-Rex pelphrey is a loser that's in over his head. We deserve betr.
    Keep preachin it.

  3. Tim I've found something that we disagree on. By no means am I a fan of Willy Robinson. I think the man is over his head in this league. Bud Foster and Dick Bumpus would be my choice for replacement.