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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Houston Nutt interview with Dan Patrick on the transfer of Jeremiah Masoli.

To me, this interview represents every reason why we are so fortunate to have Bobby Petrino as our coach. Houston Nutt is a self-centered, nail-biting, camera watching bum that did more harm to this state and the fan base thereof, than any of the fans that lobbied long and hard then to have him removed. I proclaim boldly that I was a hater, and not a hugger. I was one darksider that did somersaults and laughed with glee the day it was announced he was leaving. In this interview with Dan Patrick, Houston Nutt validates those acts of mirth.



  1. I didn't care for Houston Nutt one way or the other. Always thought his play calling was off and recruiting was not up to SEC par. But as a person, I thought he was a good guy. My grandmother worked with his parents at the deaf school in L Rock.

    Bobby Petrino is the man and glad we have him. But I am affraid after one really good season, he is going to pull up stakes and head out. Hope I am wrong.

    Tim, this is my first post on your blog and I really enjoy listening to you. You do entertain, keep it up.

  2. Tim,
    Enjoy your calls, keep it up. I can't think of a better place for Houston Nutt than Ole Miss. What a bunch of losers for hiring him. They are about to get what they paid for!

  3. Tim, just wanted to say I enjoy your calls to Bo's show even though I seldom agree with your takes. I'm rooting for you to stick it to that loser from Stuttgart in the pick em contest. Keep entertaining us!