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Sunday, December 26, 2010

For John Pelphrey and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Short-handed victory? Not hardly!

After Arkansas was nearly beat at home this past week by a woeful Texas Southern team, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette labeled the victory as "short-handed". What a bunch of crap! Once again John Pelphrey and this media base are up to the same old tiring tactics they have used the last four years to keep Pelphrey propped up, and Mike Anderson out.

John Pelphrey didn't have his team focused and prepared to play forty minutes the other night, and he soon realised this. That's when he started telling himself, "I might end up needing an excuse for why my team lost to a clearly outmatched, out manned opponent. What I will do is pull Marshaun after one minute, and not play him the rest of the game. Then just hope we can pull it out without him. If we don't, I will have an excuse the media can use to explain the loss".

Those wanting to keep Pelphrey in place will say this isn't what he did, but they are wrong. Just go back and read Pelphrey's comments after the game, and ask yourself why Pelphrey even played Powell one minute?

In the end, the media didn't have to use the excuse to explain a loss, but they did use it to explain how this Arkansas team was taken to the wire by a team Oklahoma beat by thirty. Don't tell me John Pelphrey had his team ready to play the other night. People, a good coach always has his team ready to play forty minutes.

There's a bad moon rising Arkansas basketball fans. This media base is going to try and use these Arkansas kids next year to keep Pelphrey around another year and Mike Anderson out. If you are wise you will not let this media base just give Pelphrey another year.

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  1. Pel must go.
    But Anderson won't come.