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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rotnei Clarke was scared and quit. There's really nothing more to it!

For some, it was a sad and moving occasion the day Rotnei Clarke announced he was leaving, but not for me. I'm actually glad this kid is gone. I would prefer to have more than 10 scholarship players on the bench this year, however, if this is what it takes to be rid of John Pelphrey and have Mike Anderson back home, that's the bargain of the century. Hell, from my point of view it could be the bargain of all time.

Listening to Bo and Dudley interviewing Rotnei, I was left with the impression that all three actually believe there were countless proud memories from the time Rotnei was a member of the team. It seemed Bo and Dudley were trying to make Rotnei out as a proud son of this state, that should be praised in song, and regardless of why he left, fans should never sever their ties of loyalty for him.

The interview was particularly sad for me, since several times during it, I had trouble controlling my gag reflex. In other words, the whole thing made me sick.

There weren't that many memories. Certainly none to the magnitude as to erase the fact this kid went running to CBS when he didn't get his way. This put Mike Anderson and the university in a bad light at a national level. When he did that, it was a deal breaker with me, and all the spin in the world won't change it.

I think the reason Rotnei left is anything but worthy of respect. I truly believe Rotnei saw the new kids in the pick up games and was scared to death. I think the returning players are all quicker and stronger than Rotnei and probably fit Mike Anderson's system better than him. I would bet both Rotnei and his daddy recognized this, and without Pelphrey to assure the team is centered around Rotnei, they were afraid he might be nothing more than a role player his senior year. One thing is for certain, Mike Anderson will not play favorites, and the days of Arkansas teams playing without cohesion and unity are over.