"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequeces of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of it's powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state."

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why I Wanted The Auburn Game Tape...

After considerable thought I have decided to explain why I wanted the Auburn game tape the year before last . I intended to wait for Bo to return, but I've changed my mind. Here it is. I will be from time to time refining it in order to perfectly capture the impropriety of this media base. This incident took place last year and there have been numerous other incidences since---I intend to get to all of them---I kept notes.

After the Arkansas vs Auburn game the year before last, John Pelphrey suspended Courtney Fortson. Surely I can assume everyone remembers this. What most might not remember is why Pelphrey suspended Fortson. It wasn't for the flagrant foul he picked up early in the first half. It wasn't because Fortson basically quit in the second half. It wasn't because on three strait offensive possessions Fortson walked to the corner and waved Stephan Welsch off when Welsch was pleading with Fortson to come and get the ball. It wasn't because of the poor attitude Fortson exhibited all night long. It wasn't even about the technical foul Fortson picked up in the second half after arguing with the referee who called the fifth foul on him...John Pelphrey suspended Fortson for a "non-isolated incident".

That's what he told reporters the next morning during his press conference. After informing the media he was suspending Fortson, Pelphrey said, "this one's on me, it's my decision to suspend him". When asked why he was suspending Fortson, Pelphrey proceeded to tell reporters that, "we have to have discipline". One reporter asked him if it was because of the technical, and being the staunch disciplinarian he is, Pelphrey replied, "it wasn't about the technical, I get technicals. It wouldn't be fair for me to suspend players for something I do". (Imagine that people!!!)

I guess that's why Bo Mattingly on his show that day bumped Pelphrey up a rung on his ladder of respect. Bo said, "this guy gets bumped up on my ladder of respect. He's suspending Fortson before the biggest game of the year. That's a guy that cares more about principle than pride. Kentucky's coming in here on Saturday and the game is on National Television, and Pelphrey, a guy from Kentucky, is suspending his best player. I respect that".--- I didn't Bo, and you know it. No one should have.

What happened at Auburn that night with Fortson was bad people, but not near as bad as what the media of this state tried to get away with the following day. If it weren't for someone that was there that night, none of what your reading would be public knowledge. The media, the University, and John Pelphrey would have gotten away with it.

That night in Auburn, Alabama there was a plot hatched. It started the minute the game was over.

When Arkansas dumped yet another half time lead and lost to Auburn, the Razorbacks went to 1-8 in SEC play. After thrilling all of us with their wins over Oklahoma and Texas, and their 12-1 start, this team had managed to plummet to the bottom of the SEC. This fan base was restless and still not sure about John Pelphrey. This team lost by their largest margin ever in BWA, and had their worse start ever in SEC play that year. Pelphrey was on the hot seat, and after his team managed to dump several half time leads only to lose by double digits, the possibilities of winning another game looked bleak.

The media were already in prop up mode before this loss to Auburn. It started after the 0-3 start in SEC play and the departure of Marcus Monk. I remember it vividly. After Arkansas lost to Florida on a Saturday afternoon to go 0-3 in SEC play, Wally Hall wrote an article on Tuesday claiming the program was in "good hands and on solid ground". I found this funny seeing that on Saturday after the game with Florida, one of Arkansas' players was arrested shortly after getting off the plane for DWI. After the 0-3 start and several other player suspensions that year, the program seemed too me that it was in anything but good hands and on solid ground. But as it was, this media base started exhausting their excuse pool right then, and with every loss you could tell they were scrambling for something good to say about Pelphrey. But they always found refuge in their efforts to make Pelphrey the disciplinarian, and it hasn't stopped to this day despite all my efforts to rebut them.

When Arkansas lost to Auburn that night the game wasn't televised here. The media knew this. They also knew this fan base was growing anxious and Pelphrey's tenure was in jeopardy. If they were unable to convince the fans this wasn't Pelphrey's fault, and that he was a disciplinarian, it was going to be hard to maintain him. So they decided to take advantage of the fact fans hadn't seen what transpired on the floor that night. With a little planning they came up with the idea that by suspending Fortson and labeling it "not an isolated incident", they could kill two birds with one stone. They would be able to praise Pelphrey as a disciplinarian, and excuse the next loss.

Courtney Fortson's actions on the floor that night demanded John Pelphrey take action, but this media base ignored their duty, and I was the only person to notice it. Fortson did commit the stupid, senseless flagrant foul early, and he did jaw with the referee after he called the fifth foul on him. However, there were other things Fortson did in the game that weren't mentioned. (check the links at the bottom). That's why everyone was forced to stand by while this media base bumped Pelphrey up a rung on the ladder of respect for having suspended Fortson. Had we watched the game we would have known why Fortson was suspended, and we sure as hell wouldn't have been bumping Pelphrey up on the ladder of respect. Quite the contrary, we would have viewed it as it really was--- Pelphrey lost control of one of his players and his team dumped another game they were leading at halftime. This incident would have reflected directly upon the perception of the coaching ability of John Pelphrey.

In the fans eyes, Pelphrey would have been responsible for the incident---he's the coach. The media knew this and that is why they covered it up. Generally, whenever a team falls apart on the floor, the coach will assume responsibility for the incident, but as we've seen here time and time again, this coach won't. Likewise with the media, whenever they should hold him accountable, they blatantly refuse to do it. That night in Auburn, the fans of this state wanting a new coach were robbed, deceived, and cheated out of the truth.

I really find it perfect irony because seven games later, and a couple of more technical fouls, Fortson was on the floor against Florida in the SEC tournament. This after being caught shoplifting a night or two earlier with Jason Henry at Wal-Mart. This time the media wanted Pelphrey to get the win, and without Fortson they knew it was impossible. They felt sure they could cover it up because there wasn't a police report. In a period of a couple of weeks, this media base covered up two significant incidences in an effort to keep this lame, pathetic coach propped up.

I hope now people will see what the media did. They had Pelphrey say it wasn't an isolated incident so they could deflect attention from the fact Fortson should've been suspended for his actions in the game. Then they stood down and floated softballs at Pelphrey the next day in the press conference. This wasn't a coach trying to make a point with a young man, and it wasn't reporters in search of the truth for the fan base they serve. This was a coach desperate for the media to make him look like a disciplinarian, and a media base desperate to make him look like a disciplinarian. That's why when Fortson shoplifted and Pelphrey played him for the sake of a win, they turned their heads and never mentioned it---and spent the next year telling us what a character driven guy Pelphrey was and how he was restoring discipline back to the program. Well, he's not, and their criminals. They have committed fraud people.

I have posted some links for the reader to look at. One of them is the press conference. Keep in mind we didn't watch the game, and that Pelphrey says it wasn't an isolated incident. Also, remember that had we watched the game, this media base could not have bumped him up on the ladder of respect. We would have known why he suspended him, and that it was an isolated incident---it was because of what happened in the game. This bandying of words by Pelphrey was just a ploy by the media so they could get their talking points changed to Pelphrey being a disciplinarian. If we had watched the game they couldn't have pulled this. Think about it. And oh, listen closely to Pelphrey give his players the green light to argue with the referees and draw technical fouls---Remember the Vanderbilt game when Welsch tried to trip the player going out of bounds. Had he been successful, and had the referee called a technical for it, John Pelphrey would've played him the next game. There wouldn't have been a suspension. I guess now, we know why these sort of things have plagued Pelphrey's tenure. John Pelphrey is the leader of this team and he is no "disciplinarian angel"! I'm Tim From Little Rock, Have a good day.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPsq9i1KOkY I wish I had the whole press conference, but I don't.



Saturday, May 29, 2010

In response to a reader---There is good and bad propaganda .

Yesterday a reader posted a comment in response to my blog. After reading it I found myself entranced in thought. The reader informed me that my post seemed to him as the "pot calling the kettle black". While I don't agree with the analogy, I do see what he was saying, and in a sense he is correct. While some might think it's useless to be discussing propaganda, I'm going to disagree. I've embarked on a mission to spread the truth as I know it to be, and by definition this is propaganda. Before I do begin to impart my version of the truth to the reader, I'm going to try and make some sense of what is good propaganda and what is bad propaganda. So let us discuss the theory of propaganda---hopefully it will be beneficial as we move forward into the challenging days that lay ahead.

One might assume if propaganda is successful it's good--- if it is able to win over people and fire them up for an idea. Likewise, if it's unsuccessful it's presumably bad. However, I don't subscribe to this theory. I feel propaganda can be successful and be crude, corrupt, and indecent. History has proven this. I'm a Presidential Scholar and I'm vastly read in the art of History. I can assure you it's the idea behind the propaganda that determines rather or not the propaganda is good or bad. It's success is of little consequence.

Ideas are like shoveling fleas across the barnyard, most never reach the desired location. However, if an idea is able to affect a persons attitude, it usually will rest and reside with the person. That is why when someone comes along that is able to put into words what people are feeling, the people scream, "finally". That is what I'm hoping for every time I call Bo or some other radio personality. It's what I hope this blog will do. I am a propagandists!

Until yesterday, I never really looked at myself as a propagandists. Had it not been for the reader mentioned earlier, I might never have entertained the thought. I always considered Bo and the others to be propagandists. I viewed myself as someone ready to fight the propagandists because what they preach is factually wrong. I've always judged my actions to be driven by duty.

I've built my whole system of thought on my beliefs, and tried hard to developed them into clear ideas. I know it hasn't come across that way on the radio. I knew it wasn't when I was doing it---but that's me. I didn't care. I never had considered myself a propagandists. I only wanted to let them know I knew the facts to be different. I thought with passion and truth it would some how be enough; I only wanted to win them over, or prevent them from doing what they were trying to do--you know, the proverbial wrench in the spokes. I see now they can't be persuaded to stop what they are doing--- it's their duty.

It sickens me now I never once considered the listener, nor did I try to win them over with my ideas. I'm not sure this could ever be achieved in that arena, but maybe with this blog and factual truth, it can be. Over the next few weeks it will be up to you to balance the truth, and to determine what is good propaganda and what is bad. It's all about ideas, motivations, and the forces driving them. History proves that the greatest world movements have always developed when their leaders knew how to unify their followers under a short, clear theme. Someone once said, "Knowledge does not remain the property of a certain people, but fights for power. Ideas are preached by individuals, individuals who will never be satisfied with the knowledge remaining theirs alone. When one knows something one does not keep it secret. One seeks those who should know it". This is correct. An idea can develop into a worldview, but the objective here is a state view.

I will do my part and try to be crisp, understandable, and sober when writing about the knowledge and evidence I have. Hopefully a broad movement will develop--not for me---but for the truth that will resurrect our Basketball Program and set it free to conquer the world again. I'm Tim from Little Rock and I wish all of you a great Memorial Day weekend.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Media and how the University of Arkansas is benefitting from them

As it pertains to the University of Arkansas and the Athletic Programs of it, everything should be discussed openly. Every Arkansan should realise they have a claim to the right of an opinion on any and all questions. One might like Bobby Petrino, the other might not, one supports Jeff long, one might not support Jeff Long, one's a hater, the other a hugger. There is nothing wrong with this. It isn't dishonorable to choose one side or the other of a question. Discussions happen everyday in public, and where matters are unclear or confused it is usually settled by argument and counter argument.

There is now a problem being discussed publicly and debated: The tenure of John Pelphrey. These debates are being held without all facts being put forward by the media---the ones charged with the duty. Whenever the media is allowed to get away with skewing, tainting, and covering up pertinent facts for some agenda they hold, it is the people who are kept in ignorance, and generally no honest good can come from any debate. This is the problem confronting us now.

The media in this state are no longer reporters. They have become propagandists for the University. And like all propagandists, they attack their attackers with lightning speed from their positions of safety and they use their abilities to crush any challenger to them. They quickly turn their attacker's charge back on them, and the attacker becomes the liar, the troublemaker, the hater. At that moment, one would be making the biggest of mistakes to try and defend themselves. That is what the propagandists wants. He can invent a new lie every day for the enemy to respond to, and the result is the enemy of the propagandists spends all of his time defending himself and has very little time to do what the propagandists is really fearing: an attack. This is the nature of things, and it's exactly what I'm experiencing now. I'm Tim From Little Rock and I intend for this blog to serve as an instrument of attack. I have the information needed to attack these people and that is what I'm doing. Please follow along.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What an interesting day....

I intended to tell my readers about the Auburn game tape today, but I was sidetracked when Bo Mattingly decided to take a powder the rest of the week. I had it written and I was ready to post it, but when I heard Bo wasn't there I started thinking I might need to wait. See, I'm reluctant to post it until Bo returns because it will be out there too long without anyway to confirm the facts. That wouldn't be any fun, and it will give him over a week to come up with a way to worm out of it. It's like I told the great Nolan Richardson one time, "Bo's slick as a weasel".

Bo told us yesterday that he would be down there next week, he just didn't mention yesterday he wouldn't be here the rest of this week. Did he? I might have missed it, but I don't think so. Maybe my readers can confirm rather or not if he mentioned it.

I think he read my blog last night or this morning and seen I was going to be writing about the Auburn incident, and decided it might be better to go ahead and take the rest of the week off. He was probably hoping I would be stupid enough to post it anyway. Well, He won't be obliged.

So, for the sake of not giving these twits a week to come up with some escape---and they're going to want to---I will be holding off posting it until Bo returns. I'm Sorry. However, I will be posting on a topic of utmost importance that your not going to want to miss---At least I hope not. Good night, this is Tim from Little Rock signing off.

Condolences to Russ Mckinney...

I tried again to get Shawn and Wally's email address. Russ apologised to me and informed me his son died last week. I would like to take this time to offer him my condolences.

Russ Mckinney didn't like being in my Hall of Shame.

I just called Shawn and Wally's show and asked for their email address. Russ asked me who I was. When I told him he flew into a cussing rage. He told me to, "go and f... myself". He said, "look it up on the internet, you seem to have found your way around it". I guess he didn't like seeing his name on my Hall of Shame.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ketchup Stains? I would like to hear about it, Equivocator

Today, Bo compared Pelphrey's tenure to ketchup stains on a shirt. That's absolutely the lamest analogy I've ever heard. Even if the facts he based this on were true, which they're not, it would still be a lame analogy. The only stains he should be talking about are the ones left by John Pelphrey, because his impact on this program has definitely left us in disrepute.

Bo constantly tries to imply Pelphrey took over a situation that was untenable. He wants you to believe there were twelve of thirteen ineligible. He thinks by saying it enough times it will eventually be that way. He doesn't care that Pelphrey had a full roster against Wofford University in his first game as coach of the Razorbacks, but I can't bring myself to overlook it. There wasn't twelve ineligible, but even if there were, it didn't keep them from playing in the first game that year. So tell me, why should it matter three years later? It shouldn't!

Bo is just desperate to keep Pelphrey propped up so the University won't be forced into conducting another coaching search right now. He knows as I do any coaching search conducted will have to include Mike Anderson, and that's something the University and several influential media persons are so dearly wanting to avoid. They know if Mike Anderson does come back he's going to have a big microphone, a big platform, and a long memory.

This is why they refuse to hold Pelphrey accountable. It's Like when Courtney Fortson was caught shoplifting with Jason Henry at Wal-Mart. They all knew about it, but none of them said a word when Pelphrey played Fortson the next night against Florida in the SEC Tournament. Fact is, the media around here were more desperate for the win than John Pelphrey was. They knew after the 2-14 slide they had their hands full to keep him propped up. So for the sake of winning a game, and keeping Pelphrey in place, they threw principle out the window and turned their heads. They knew there wasn't a police report and they thought they could cover it up. Talk about character and a coach that's bringing discipline to a program---what a joke!

I'm going to let it ride for now, Mash is on. But I can promise before I'm through here I'm going to get all of them----It's just a matter of time People. Before I'm finished, the history around here is going to be revised.

I'll be discussing the Auburn game tape next.

The GPA was 2.04 when Pelphrey took over.

Some have requested my source.


Move on Bo, you've saved enough face.

Bo knows Texas is never coming to the SEC--- But because Craig James said he didn't know diddly, this fan base is having to set by, bored to death, while Bo trys to save face. It's about as stupid as the notion there are only a few coaches who are difference makers. Please Bo, get over it and move on. There are more important things you could find to talk about on your show. I have an idea, why don't you tell us why Dudley lied about the grade point average. He said the GPA was 1.5 when Pelphrey took over. I know for a fact it was actually 2.04. Did he think the 1.5 GPA would make the lie about 12 of 13 being ineligible sound better?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mission Statement

Bo Mattingly recommended that I start a blog. He said, "I'm sure it would be mildly entertaining". Well, I don't know how entertaining it will be, but I can promise the readers I will keep him honest. Normally I would call and confront him, but for the last couple of weeks I haven't been welcomed on his program. I guess he grew tired of me always ruining his lame efforts to deceive this fan base about the truth surrounding the coaching tenure of John Pelphrey. Well Bo, you can run, but you can't hide. Not now! In your efforts to remove the only caller aware of your impropriety from your show, you've now relegated yourself without any power to combat me. You no longer have your finger on the delay button, and you can no longer cut me off. I'm going to continue what I 've always done-----I'm going to hound, harass, and demand you tell it like it is or get the hell out of here. I'm sick of your Symphony of Death, and your incessant propping up of John Pelphrey. Craig James was right--- Bo, Don't know Diddly!

While I might not be a good writer, I do try hard at it. Fact is, I've been documenting and investigating the events surrounding the collapse of the basketball program for over four years now. I will be sharing this knowledge with my readers. I will bring to light the corruption that exists in this state, and how the media of this state have propagated this corruption. The readers of this blog better be ready to be enlightened, because I have the dirt and I intend to hold accountable those guilty of destroying this Basketball Program!